Separating Sugar from Personal Life

By Sugar Fairy

Sep 08, 2016

You’re at dinner with a group of girlfriends, or maybe you flew home to visit family, when the inevitable question comes up: “So, how did you afford that bag/outfit/car/apartment?” You smile politely and take a sip of wine (maybe two sips, if we’re being honest), and politely say that you received a raise at work. “But you work at a coffee shop…?” your well-intentioned friend retorts. You internally panic and change the subject before anyone notices.

Welcome to the double-agent life!

Whether you are separating Sugar from personal life for ease or because it’d raise eyebrows, you’re not alone. Many women on SeekingArrangement hide their Sugar status from friends and family for various reasons—which are personal, private, and yours alone.


To start, we recommend keeping an entirely separate email address for your SA account and any affiliated correspondence with a Sugar Daddy or POT. Same goes for your phone: use a burner or VOIP app, like Google Voice, to keep a separate phone number for texting and calls.


Using a pseudonym (also known as a faux name) while sussing out potential Daddies will eliminate the chance of being ‘found out’ at school or work; same with your photos, which should be unique and not used anywhere else—selfies are great for this reason. Remember, never use personal information in your SeekingArrangement profile!


If you’re concerned about being spotted out on a date, consider spending time in parts of town you normally wouldn’t hang out in. Start picking restaurants where you’re sure no one you know regularly goes – maybe try meeting one town over. Have a story prepared in the event that you’re seen. It happens to the best of us, no matter how carefully we plan.

Above all, remind yourself why you’re in the Sugar Bowl to begin with. This is your life, and you only get one. Why play by someone else’s rules?