Southern Sugar

By Ashleigh

Feb 03, 2016

The petite, brunette took a seat at one of the many wooden bar stools lining the local bar and mindfully brushed her hair behind her ear before making eye contact with the bartender to place her drink order. She couldn’t help but notice how young the newest bartender was as he took her order, repeating it back to her once, twice and still getting wrong in between amateur and unreciprocated attempts to flirt with her, his rambling words falling flat.

She sipped her drink to conceal an eye roll as she waited, less and less patiently for her best friend to arrive and join her after a long week filled with never ceasing studying and finals.

It was still fairly early, especially for a Friday night, and the bar wasn’t terribly crowded, even being one of only two in the small midwestern town she called home. She traced circles on her glass with her finger as she grew more and more restless waiting, but soon realized that someone was gazing her direction, watching her mindless fidgeting from a table set up across the small dance floor that was parallel to the bar.

He was an older gentleman, but undeniably handsome with dark eyes and tufts of salt and pepper hair peaking out from underneath his Stetson hat, giving him a knowing and distinguished look.

She keep her gaze in his direction and let her mind wander about what his story may be.  She remembered hearing about young women much like herself dating handsome, wealthy, older gentlemen and being introduced to a lifestyle they could never fathom prior.  She had even hopefully signed up with but was too shy to even complete her profile.  I mean, doesn’t that only happen to girls in big cities like New York? Never here in Small-Town, U.S.A., right?  

But as she pondered in the safety of her own thoughts, his gaze caught hers and seemed to give her last question an undeniable reply.  He swiftly worked his way over to her from the now steadily growing crowd.

He approached her, slowly removed his hat and introduced himself, asking if she would like to dance. She smiled, nodding yes, taking his hand and following him onto the dance floor and unknowingly into what would be the beginning of a very sweet arrangement.