Sugar Baby to a Married Couple

By Katya

Jun 23, 2017

During my early days on Seeking Arrangement I received a message from a married couple that was looking for a Sugar Baby. The husband and wife cited a shared attraction to natural redheads, and that I seemed like a perfect fit both appearance- and personality-wise. They were looking for a woman to take out on dates that any traditional couple would go on. The only difference is it would be the three of us. They offered a generous weekly allowance for an ongoing arrangement.

At first I was averse to the idea. I considered myself to be heterosexual with literally no attraction to women. However, Alex and Melanie’s proposal seemed harmless enough. I could tell by their messages that they were nice people. Additionally, they were an attractive couple. I adopted a “don’t knock it ‘til you try it” type of attitude, and agreed to meet with them over drinks to acquaint and gauge chemistry. And so began my experience as a Sugar Baby to a Married Couple.


First Date

Our first date wasn’t nearly as awkward as I’d anticipated. As I’d suspected, they were indeed a very kind couple. They were easy on the eyes. They were both in their mid-thirties, and had migrated to the United States from eastern Europe during recent years. Alex was tall, tan, and muscular, with a gentle demeanor. Melanie was a short, curvy, and youthful looking blonde, possessing bright blue eyes and an adorable smile. In contrast to her husband, she had an outgoing, spunky personality.  Both were artistic and intellectual. I could tell that this couple marched to the beat of their own drum, and I respected that about them.

A few minutes after our date started, I found myself opening up easily to them. They knew that I’d never had a romantic encounter with a woman, and were accommodating of my desire to take things slowly. After having a few drinks, they told me that they would be interested in seeing me again the following week. By this point, I had grown comfortable with the idea of proceeding with an arrangement. We made tentative plans to meet the following week for more drinks. The couple then called a cab for me, and as I was saying “goodbye” to them, Alex handed me an envelope. Inside was a greeting card, thanking me for meeting with them, and our agreed-upon weekly allowance.

My next few dates with Alex and Melanie went similarly to our first date. I met with the couple for dinner, drinks. We continued to get to know one another. We discovered that we shared a sense of humor, musical tastes, and several values and political views. At the end of each date, they called a cab for me, and slipped my allowance to me as we said our goodbyes.

Getting Comfortable

Over the course of these dates, they became increasingly cuddly with me. I was still nervous, due to my inexperience with women. Nor was I sure I was into women in the first place. I also worried that Melanie would get jealous of seeing her husband canoodling with another woman. However she seemed turned on by it. The couple administered their desire for closeness in small enough doses for me to become more at ease with them each time we met. At the end of our fourth date, Melanie pulled me close and kissed me softly on the lips.

Getting Intimate

Intimacy finally happened a month into our arrangement. Melanie and Alex invited me directly to their apartment, as opposed to our usual practice of meeting at a bar or restaurant. I’d never been to their place, so I had a sneaking suspicion that tonight was “the night”. Despite feeling anxious, I was ready; in fact, at this point, I was curious about what the experience would be like.

When I arrived at their spacious loft in Brooklyn via a cab they’d called for me, I was transported to another world. The lights were dimmed, and soft jazz music was playing. An array of hors d’oeuvres was laid out upon their dining table. Melanie pulled two bottles of Sancerre (my favorite) out of the fridge, and asked which one I’d like to start with. I felt like I was receiving star treatment, and was flattered by their hosting gestures!

Without going into too much detail, we took the “next step” in our arrangement that night. I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly things went, given my reservations about being with a woman. The experience was enjoyable, and I wasn’t opposed to doing it again. I learned that while I may prefer men, I can also have fun with a woman.

Nothing is Forever

Our arrangement continued for about a year. Sometimes, my dates with Alex and Melanie were no different than if I’d hung out with a group of my platonic friends. We had board game nights, and sometimes we simply went to dinner or the movies. They also provided me with some necessary guidance for developing myself professionally (such as assisting me with perfecting my resume). Occasionally, when we were in “the mood”, we engaged in some naughty time.

Like with most arrangements, my time with Alex and Melanie proved to be finite. They decided to start a family, and scaled back on their involvement with me. Eventually, we stopped spending time together completely. I appreciate that they opened me up to a new experience, and in the process, treated me with utmost kindness and respect. Because of my pleasant experience with Alex and Melanie, I’m not opposed to having an arrangement with a couple in the future. More than anything, I will always miss their friendship and be thankful for the memories they left me with!