My Sugar Baby Poster Girl

By Tall_Blonde_Tanya

Jun 29, 2016

Although I’m only a Sugar Baby for men, I’m a lesbian trans girl. I’m in a multi-year loving relationship with someone who likes me even more for all the wild stuff I do, and that she and I do together.

We’ve developed lots of hobbies and interests as a couple, including love of live music, and classic rock band The Bangles (best known for “Manic Monday” and “Walk Like an Egyptian”). As a result, now my girlfriend and I BOTH have a girl-crush on this female rock star, Susanna Hoffs. She is my Sugar Baby poster girl, and here’s why.


As far as I can discern: Has this rock star ever done a nude photo shoot? No. Anything risque? No. Any low-cut, sheer or tight clothing? No. Anything done or said in poor taste? Nope. Tailoring her sex life to focus on influential people? No (that is, unless she perfected doing so secretly even while she’s been continually in the spotlight of the paparazzi). The one thing this lady has, in vast quantities, that make her a great Sugar Baby poster girl, is: charm.

There are many nice things to say about Susanna Hoffs, but my focus here is on her being extremely charming. Good music is sort of a basic prerequisite, but beyond that: if you think that rock-star success would favor tall-ish, busty, curvy and sexuality-radiating blondes with silky hair, you might be right.

By contrast, Ms. Hoffs is a short, non-busty, non-curvy brunette with curly hair, and yet she has had male culture eating out of her hand since the early 1980s. Even now, in 2016, she’s 57 and she STILL has thousands of guys liking her FB posts and Twitter posts. The adulation tends to center the compliments on her being superlatively hot, beautiful, and ageless.

The challenge is: remaining objective. The more you learn about this lady, the more likely it is that her charm might slay you to where you can no longer think objectively, and then as far as you’re concerned she might well be the most desirable girl on the planet. If she were a Sugar Baby, I could seriously imagine her monthly allowance being in the 7 digits (yes, in US Dollars) and there being a long waiting list even so.

Even though she’s NOT a Sugar Baby, she exemplifies that dynamic so well that she’s the poster girl for me, as such. I (and we) can learn much from her success.

A Massive Payoff

As one example, Prince was so smitten with her that he donated to her the hit single “Manic Monday.” She sang the lead voice in it, and it became the Bangles’ first top ten hit, going to #2 in the US and UK both.

Officially, Prince donated the music to the entire group but history suggests pretty clearly that this one lady was the inspiration. And yet, they were not romantic partners and there’s no reason to conclude they spent time in the same bed. It seems as simple as: He had a huge crush on her.

Of course, there are rumors to the effect that she slept her way into Prince’s heart but a rumor is just a rumor until substantiated, and nothing like that ever was. Besides, having immersed myself in studying material she’s personally written, plus interviews and articles, I’d bet 1000 to 1 odds that she didn’t. My best guess is that her charm simply inspired this.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

After the public noticed this girl, it wanted more of her. More hit singles followed. Each of the four Bangles girls wrote songs, played instruments and sang, and there was no leader or lead singer. Yet music industry execs pushed so hard for songs that favored the voice of this one girl that most people assume she was the lead.

After the band split up, she went on to a successful solo career that continues today, even though the band has also reunited (with her being a key part of the mix) and is playing concerts and releasing music again.

A Sexual Sparkle

Even though nowadays she seems to be trying to suppress it, Ms. Hoffs adds in the perfect amount of sexual sparkle into her charm. Fans love it. Even today, it’s hard to read anything negative about her or to observe her in any social context where she’s not being adored, with her charm shining as brightly as ever.

Not that this article is about me, but purely as validation, and on the premise that “charm” is my main claim to fame — I’m not particularly pretty, I don’t exude sexuality and I have the massive drawback of being a trans girl — whatever charm I have, has done similar things.

Despite whatever drawbacks I have, guys in positions of influence have still done nice things for me. When it happens, it’s delightful – and it happens often. I love it.

The Challenge

I’ve spent much time trying to quantify and isolate my brand of charm as radiated so intensely from Susanna, and there does seems to be some overlap between her and I in this respect. It’s sort of like reverse engineering the recipe for Coca-Cola — the product and marketing both. It’s a complex challenge.

What I have learned so far makes it safe to say that to the extent a Sugar Baby can learn from this sort of example and integrate these traits into herself, her future is brighter. Such a development is not a short-term thing, as it is a personality trait and will take a long time to develop. Best to get started right away!