The Sugar Baby Who is a Sugar Momma

By JadeSeashell

Nov 25, 2017

If you are an attractive, smart and mature woman, oftentimes you are surrounded by options.  It’s not uncommon for an elegant lady like to get lots of male attention.  Therefore, chances are a beautiful, intelligent and switched-on woman has the potential to be a sugar baby and a sugar momma at the same time.  Here is an example which is based on a true story. Names have been changed to respect and protect individuals’ privacy.This is the Sugar Baby who is a Sugar Momma.


A Sophisticated Sugar Baby

Bianca is a 39-year-old program director and associate professor. She teaches creative writing at university.  Many publishers want to meet with her because she is the decision-maker when it comes to which textbooks students should buy at the beginning of every semester.  Due to the importance of her job, she has met some powerful men in the publishing industry.  One of them is 59-year-old Daniel, the very authority of the biggest publisher in the entire country.

When Daniel meets Bianca for the first time, he is surprised by Bianca’s good looks and sex appeal.  In fact, because Bianca knows how influential Daniel is, she wears a bodycon dress that day, which works really well . It displays her sexy figure perfectly.  They agree to lunch.  After they sit down at the table, Daniel is really impressed by Bianca’s conversational skills and intelligence.  Very quickly, they begin an arrangement.

Daniel invites Bianca to speak at industry events frequently, which has helped Bianca’s career dramatically.  After a while, Bianca’s speaking fees increase a lot. Her best-selling books are published by Daniel’s company as well.


An Elegant Sugar Momma

Bianca is a radiant. As a result one of her students, Xavier, has secretly fallen in love with Bianca.  But because he was Bianca’s student, they didn’t have a relationship. They waited until Xavier has graduated from university.  After Xavier’s graduation, he becomes Bianca’s friend on Facebook. They realize they have mutual interest in each other.  Xavier asks her out.  The truth is: Bianca finds Xavier incredibly hot, but Xavier thinks he made the first move.

Xavier is only 22 years old, and Bianca appreciates his company.  She believes human nature isn’t monogamous.  In one of Bianca’s books, she writes, “Women are considered monogamous only because of the conditioning from the society”.  If Bianca admires Daniel’s power and status, then she surely enjoys Xavier’s youth and attractiveness.  As a result, she starts an arrangement with Xavier as well, but this time, she is a sugar momma.

Bianca helps Xavier a lot – she introduces a very promising job to him. Now Xavier is working for a world-renowned company which is envied by so many university graduates.  Apart from that, Bianca introduces a lot of very interesting freelance work to Xavier because she has very good connections in a variety of industries.  In this way, her male sugar baby feels spoiled.  As Xavier’s network is growing with Bianca’s help, his net worth is also increasing.


Bianca’s Advice

Your Sugar Daddy doesn’t necessarily have to buy you expensive gifts.  If he can give you fantastic career opportunities, that’s actually more valuable than some dumb jewelry.  The best gift from a Sugar Daddy is always a sustainable gift.
Your network is your net worth.  If you date a Sugar Daddy, don’t miss out on his network.  When you meet more powerful people through your Sugar Daddy, you are doing yourself a huge favor.  In this way, you have more leverage and resources. If you’d like to date a Sugar Baby at the same time, give him the gift of networking. A smart male Sugar Baby appreciates that even more!