A Sugar Dream Achieved

By Avianna

Dec 13, 2017

Ever dreamed in sugarland? Fantasied high up in the sugar cotton candy clouds? I sure have. It’s nice to be a dreamer. I dream about all of the fun and luxurious things I want to do with a sugar daddy. I have imagined ideal dream dates, shopping sprees, relaxing vacations, among more. But it isn’t always fruitful to stay a dreamer. You have to make some (if not all!) dreams a reality. Here’s one sugar dream of mine and how I made it a reality. Here is my own personal testimony to a Sugar dream achieved.

London Luxury

I live in London and there are so many super exclusive places to dine at. One of the most exclusive and ooh la la is the restaurants in the Shard. The Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe and it is home to an exclusive 5-star hotel called Shangri-La and two exclusive restaurants named Aqua and Oblix. I always wanted to dine in the Shard. Why? Firstly, because it is super exclusive. Full of London’s business and social elite. Secondly, because it is on the 31st floor of the Shard so it provides a dining experience like none before and you can enjoy beautiful views of London city as you dine.

With this dream and ‘to-do’ on my mind, I decided to go about making it a reality. After messaging many POTs, I debated who would be best to ask to take me to dine at the Shard. I chose right because it happened.

The Path to My Dreams

A lovely man I have met once before for a lunch date took me to dine at the Shard. It turned out that he too has never dined in the Shard so it was perfect. We got to experience it together and it was exciting for us both.

We met outside the Shard and queued. I wore a beautiful black v-neck top, black trouser pants with black heels and he wore a suit. We then entered the ground floor and went through top level security and entered the elevator which went directly to the 31st floor. The view was incredible. The restaurant was beautiful. It was dimly lit and very atmospheric. Very posh and chic. Just as I dreamed it to be!

The Experience

We were brought to our table which was right at a massive glass wall, providing stunning views. It was a romantic table for two. We perused the menu. It was full of very extravagant dishes. The food was incredible. My favourite, of course, was the dessert. I ordered a frozen yoghurt elderflower Victoria sponge cake. It sounds odd but it tasted, and looked, amazing. I need the recipe stat!

I had a fantastic time. And I am more happy that I got to check it off the list. It gives you a great sense of accomplishment when you achieve something on your to-do list. I encourage you to dream and to not be afraid to ask. Choose the right man and he might just say yes!

Happy sugar dreaming and achieving!!!