Sugar Self Acceptance

By Egan

Feb 10, 2016

Being a Sugar Baby can be tricky to handle at times. Balancing work, school, friends, family, staying healthy and self care plus a Sugar Daddy is overwhelming. On top of that, you need a good support system that fully accepts you and the fact you are a Sugar Baby. It can still be a tricky subject. This is why Sugar self acceptance is so important: you need to accept all of you.

Starting Out

I knew nothing about being a SB when I started . All I’d seen of the Sugar community were the examples of Hugh and the bunnies. I was on SeekingArrangement perusing profiles and trying to figure out if Sugar was something I wanted to do. Every SB profile I looked at to see what the other girls were like intimidated me.

They had flawless skin, bouncy hair, huge eyes, extremely fit and had big boobs. Their profiles said they loved nights on the town, going to 5 star restaurants, spas and fancy shows. They had a million hobbies and unstoppable energy. I’m more of an athletic build, I have small boobs (really small boobs). I like the finer things in life but I’d rather be in nature.  Would I fit in?

Artificial Sugar

When I first made my profile, it was Splenda not sugar. Yes, it was sweet but it was artificial  I put in everything I thought a SB was, my pictures were dolled up and not a depiction of the real me. I said I got manicures and pedicures, along with lingerie I enjoyed wearing underneath a nice dress out to the most lavish dinners.  

My confidence in the normal dating world was high but in the Sugar world I was holding myself to these made up expectations.  I debated getting breast implants because my confidence was hit so badly by the importance on boobs on the site.  My self-esteem slipped, wondering if I’d even be able to find a Sugar Daddy. Then if I found one, could I keep him around?    

First Taste of Sugar

I met a wonderful POT for lunch one afternoon, he was sweet, shy and a little bigger. At the end of the date he gave me a card thanking me for meeting him and with a gift card for coffee. I was touched at how thoughtful that gesture was and that he seemed nervous as well. We agreed to meet again and before the next date I panicked about how to dress and act a second time. I wasn’t sure what kind of clothes he was expecting or what the ideal SB did in her free time.

After a couple dates with my first SD my act slipped. I forgot to re-do my nails and didn’t do a brush up shave on my legs. I talked far too much about my recent hiking endeavors. He texted me after the date: he thanked me for the wonderful day and complimented me on my radiant personality.

Be Yourself

That was the moment I realized that there’s a Sugar relationship out there for everyone.  Being attractive and taking care of yourself is necessary in the Sugar bowl but what you can bring to the table with your interests and personality are just as important.  

I’ve been Sugaring for four years now and have had many wonderful and beneficial arrangements. I found better matches when I let it out that I was a nature nerd and would rather hike than go to dinner or that I hate going to the mall and have little patience for manicures. I focused instead on what I was good at.

I suggested nature dates with incredible views, interesting movies/documentaries, new museum exhibits or a friendly competition shooting hoops. We still do plenty of 5 star dining and go to Vegas to see the shows but now it’s truly mutually beneficial.

I still have tiny boobs, but it doesn’t hinder the success of my arrangements. Self acceptance was the hardest part of embracing my life as a SB and no one should feel self-conscious of what they do or do not have or the choices they make.