Sugar Therapy

By Annalise

Jul 12, 2016


There I was babies, depressed, brokenhearted, and worst of all– broke. Trust me, this can feel like a dire combination. It was the result of a three year relationship with a guy in his early twenties who did nothing but drag me down in every way possible. Long story short: he was not  supportive of my goals or dreams, and mainly wanted me to support him, which I did and it landed me nowhere.

I even helped him pay bills and felt very unappreciated towards the end of our relationship. I was broken up over a phone call with the excuse that he needed to pursue his dreams, after I had given up some of mine for him. Sad, I know, however this story of Sugar therapy gets better I promise.

The Next Step

Around month four of drowning in my own sorrow I met a girl at a coffee shop. She’s a Sugar Baby, as I would soon find out. Beth was beautiful, seemed confident, with a light to her that I had lost a long time ago. I must have looked terrible as she approached me and offered to buy me a coffee. I started to confess to her how my life had been going.

Beth was understanding and said she could definitely relate to how I was feeling. And so it happened, she introduced me to the Sugar Bowl. She showed me SeekingArrangement, which I would have never imagined would become like therapy for me, and the way I would slowly recover from losing my identity, my life direction and my self esteem.

My First POT

I was lucky enough to come across a seemingly nice potential Sugar Daddy. We had our first date at a beautiful restaurant, and he was a perfect gentleman. The gray in his hair only made him more attractive, and he had a welcoming smile along with dimples on his mature face. Tom was a gentleman our chemistry was instant, we genuinely connected with each other almost immediately. I opened up to him like I rarely do with people, and he seemed to do the same with me. We joked about almost everything, he listen to my dreams and goals, some of which I forgot I even had.

Our connection was evolving, it was getting deeper with each of our meetings. Tom was wonderful! An intelligent gentleman who prioritized me, and always repeated how beautiful I am and how I deserve the best. He showered me with gifts and allowances, of course. With him it was not a matter of asking, he simply wanted me to feel my best in every way. We traveled to places I would never have the chance to visit. Tom was a doctor, he owns several clinics in a few states and is a man who truly knows how to treat a lady.

My Sugar Therapy

I started to become confident again, I gained class and knowledge and Tom became a best friend. I could trust him with career and personal advice, and he was always there for me. I don’t know at what point we started developing feelings, but I’m glad we did. Tom show me the standards of how I should be treated and, and now I can never go back to less than what I deserve. I learned so much from Tom, he was a mentor to me, a friend, a lover and so many things all wrapped in one.

Months went by and one evening Tom had a different look in his eyes. He told me he realized he was very fond of me and had developed feelings. I told him I felt the same. He mentioned we had a big age gap and that he wanted me to grow as a professional, to pursue my dreams and to keep learning from others as I did for him. He said that as much as he wished he was my final destination, I should keep moving forward and to always aspire for more. Tom inspired me, and I became a better person with a different mindset and a greater love for myself.

Moral of the story: the Sugar Bowl (if used wisely) can be the best therapy. It bounced me back to happiness in no time, while teaching me to value myself at the same time. Now I’m left with high standards and treasured memories. Remember sisters, make a connection and know your worth, that is key to a successful arrangement.