Sugaring While in a Relationship

By Joey

Nov 09, 2016

For some, Sugaring is a lifestyle. For others, Sugaring is a part-time job. No matter where you fall within the spectrum, it’s important to have a personal life outside of your Sugar life.

I was single, for a while, and wanted more out life. I was tired of going through the motions, which was the reason why I joined SA, in hopes for something new and exciting. Shortly after joining the site 2 years ago, I found myself in many STAs.

About 8 months ago, I found myself in a LTA with a wonderful lawyer from California. When I’m with my SD there is never  a dull moment and we have a wonderful time together. Five Months ago I started dating my girlfriend Hayden, and was hesitant to reveal “the other side of me”.

About a month and a half into dating Hayden, it had felt as if I was some sort of secret spy, living a double life. I constantly was forced to cancel on Hayden when my SD was in town, or make sure my SD wouldn’t book anything near the campus, etc.

After reciting a speech over and over in my head, it was time. I consulted a few local SB friends, who gave me a few tips for Sugaring while in a relationship. I had made plans to meet up with Hayden at a local lounge–somewhere public, just in case she didn’t take the news well.

Prior to walking into the venue, I received a text from a friend that said; “If her first reaction is anger, and she doesn’t at least attempt to be open and understanding, then chuck up the deuces”.

After taking countless communication and psych classes, I knew she was right. A relationship is about growing and working together. You will not always agree with what the person of interest may say or do. However, if it’s a relationship that you really want to work, it takes honest communication, compromise, and understanding. This philosophy works with SB/SD relationships as well.

was upfront and honest with her, and she was actually intrigued. I didn’t necessarily blurt out “I’m a Sugar Baby,” I was subtle about it. I told her that every now and then I hang out with generous men who mentor me, in return I offer them companionship and friendship.

She then stopped me midway through, chuckled and said. “So pretty much you have a Sugar Daddy”. With my heart beating through my chest, and palms sweating, I smiled nervously and responded by saying, “pretty much”.  She then leaned over to give me a hug and started telling me about her childhood best friend, who is an open SB.

I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and felt relieved. Benjamin Franklin was correct, honesty is the best policy. It’s important to distinguish and keep your Sugar life separate from your personal life, however open and honest communication is key. All parties shouldn’t know too much about the other(s). However, when in a relationship other than an SB/SD one, it’s important to be honest with your partner and discuss what is and is not okay.