The Sweetest and The Most Sour Sugar Dad

By Candy Stackz

Aug 31, 2018

Over my course of arrangements over time, there are two sugar daddies that stand out the most to me. I would like to introduce to you my best and worst sugar dads also known as the sweetest and the sourest SD’s (Sugar Dad). I’m sure there are plenty of girls who have the perfect arrangement with the perfect sugar daddy, but sometimes you don’t always luck up. Sometimes you end up with a nightmare that keeps coming back. These two men are among the most memorable men that I have encountered in my life. A lot of people would love to hear the story about the good sugar daddy first, but I like to get the bad out of the way, and of course, end on a positive note.

His name in my phone was Cali 100. His real name? I honestly can’t say that I recall, but maybe it started with the letter J.Anyways, I was working on the west side of town at a small local adult entertainment club as a dancer. While on stage one day this rather dapper older fellow came up to the stage with a  sugar and tipped me a significant tip. As expected, he told me to see him when I got off stage. After my stage set, I hurried to the dressing room, changed, and was on my way back to this rather mysterious man. For the duration of his time there we talked. I told him about myself my goals, and he was very forward with saying he was seeking a sugar baby and proceeded to tell me about his previous arrangement, and how it ended. I gave him my number, and we then proceeded the talking and meeting up process regularly.

This particular man wasn’t very handsome, and I wasn’t quite attracted to him. I was happy he didn’t want to become intimate and was just truly looking for a friendly, cute companion. He would frequent me at whichever club I worked at and soon became a regular at both clubs I worked at on the eastside and westside. I would attend his poetry events and stand up comedy shows due to the fact that his hobbies were comedy and spoken word poetry. We then would get a room and just watch tv, drink, and talk for the night. We were not able to come to his house due to the fact that he lived with his girlfriend. Upon each meeting, he would give me $100-$150 dollars, and we would meet regularly throughout the week.

Unlike other sugar daddies, I didn’t truly like hanging out with him or our dates. He was extremely aggressive, not attractive, very cocky, and super frugal. He talked too much and finding out that he was an ex-drug addict rubbed me the wrong way, and the girlfriend situation was bothering me also. Sometimes when we would meet up or even when I would contact him he would be sneaking around his girlfriends back.

It wasn’t till I started getting weird texts from an unknown number, he started shorting me, pressuring sex (which was against our agreement), and introducing me to his friends that I became fed up. I started speaking up about what I didn’t like: not being able to get in contact with him when I needed him, him not being able to send money, on demand, money owed, increase in money, and the constant inquiry of sex.

We started to argue. I would schedule a date with him and cancel on purpose because I simply didn’t want to deal with him. Then at a very low point and hard time in my life I needed money and had been promised money by him all week. He refused to wire the money and would say that h would be on the way to drop it off and never show. It soon resorted to me no longer being patient and saying some very mean and hurtful things to him that were very nasty. I’m actually ashamed at the way I talked to him. In exchange, he returned with an array of words that ultimately hurt my feelings. We since ceased communication. When it comes to the aftermath, we see each other at the club. I’m assuming I’ve gotten replaced cause when I say my greetings, he informs me that he has a girl he came up to see. There’s no bad blood, and it happens. Sometimes you and your sugar daddy just aren’t going to click. It’s okay, there’s always bigger and better.

And then better came along. With thanks to, I was away at school my junior year when I met Dwayne. An older white man from Bloomington, Indiana. We met on and chatted sometime before we decided to meet on campus at my campus bookstore. We exchanged numbers met up and chatted. From what I gathered from him was that he was divorced with a son, and fresh out of an arrangement. He discussed his previous arrangement which was a sugar baby from California that attended Indiana University. She moved back to Cali, and basically, she was able to survive without him. He was an older white man who liked young black girls. He also had a wealthy job and owed a farm. When speaking on Seeking Arrangements we agreed that if we had a connection he would give me a small gift.

I ensured that I dressed to impress and super engaged in the conversation. I told him about my major, my expenses, my dysfunctional family, my snobby racist campus, and my roommate issues. After we had coffee and chatted for a while he told me that we was definitely in, and decided should I have a weekly. monthly, or daily allowance. We came to an agreement and we proceeded to part ways. I was a little agitated because I thought that he had forgot that I was expecting something since we agreed to terms, but before I walked off he handed me an envelope. As soon as I was out of eye shot I opened it and saw $200 and hurried to my house to go tell my roommate to join and I met regularly and I was getting anywhere between 300-600 a week.

At this time, I was in a new state looking to break into a strip club in the next major city, so his money helped me buy super cute dance outfits, shoes, transportation, and I basically buying whatever I wanted when I wanted. I loved Dwayne.Though he wasn’t my type I looked forward to his dates because even though I had a great deal of money I wasn’t happy due to issues on campus and stress from class. On our dates, we would get on his motorcycle and go out to eat.

We were never intimate and he never pressed the issue. His dates were like super fun therapy sessions with a big reward. One night after one of our dates I came home and spilled the details to my roomate. We calculated how much he had given me over the past few weeks and it totaled up to a little over $2400 over a three week span.I’m going to pause the story to inform and remind sugar babies the importance of keeping their business, their business. Discretion can ruin or make an arrangement, and in this case, discretion ruined my perfect arrangement.

This is how. My roommate worked over night and became super close with an older man on campus that ran the student transportation on campus. To my knowledge, her and this man spoke often about me. They discussed my family, job choice, and I’m sure she would talk to him every time I pissed her off. At some point, my roommate spoke to her about my sugar daddy , and it got back to public safety that I was receiving large amounts of money from an older man online.

Since I went to a small liberal arts school that was mainly white, and as a person of color the public safety department was gravely concerned. I soon got an email saying I needed to come in and speak to the head of public safety. I did not explain to her that I met a man on Seeking Arrangements , and was in an arrangement. I simply stated to her that I have a friend that is sending me money for household items, supplies, food, and books. I told her it was nothing more. Prior to going in to speak to the office I informed my sugar dad, and told him . He then began to panic saying he didn’t want to get involved with law enforcement, and said he would call back. After the phone call, I called him to let him know everything was cool, but he was super distant, stopped sending money,  and never came back to campus. My arrangement had died. A simple conversation that got misconstrued ended the perfect arrangement. I miss my old pal, and haven’t found an arrangement like him since.

My sweetest sugar daddy got scared away, and my most sour daddy is super salty. Being a sugarbaby is like pulling out the mystery candy bad. Sometimes you may gram a sweet, sugary, or salty daddy. Sometimes you just can’t control the flavor.