The Tilt Towards the Sugar Daddy

By Annalise

Feb 09, 2016

Recently I found myself in an extremely tight situation financially, to the point where I was living day to day scraping together anything I could in order to survive. On the outside, my life is glamourous, and I still look expensive and keep up appearances, but the reality is that I am broke. So, I decided it was time to sign up on for a Sugar daddy site. Simple, I thought. I was beginning to feel the tilt towards the Sugar Daddy. 

I had had some success three-four years ago with it – bought nice clothes, went on holidays, was given a regular allowance, it was just what I needed. So I signed up on SeekingArrangement and wrote a simple profile with my best pictures, and waited for the men to come rolling in, and roll in they did. But, this time instead of getting offers for genuine Sugar Daddy relationships, it seemed most of these men wanted a quick fix, and the offers were definitely less generous than they had been in the past. I brushed those ones aside and picked out a few that seemed genuine.

Date #1

The first date was in a top London nightclub and restaurant, it looked promising. But when I arrived, he had a friend and 3 girls already there with him! We did end up having a fun evening, he must of spent $2,000 on drinks in the club, but when it came time for me to go, he told me he had no cash for my cab home, although I was welcome to stay at his place that  night. I politely declined and spent my last 20 pounds on the cab ride home. He later invited me on another night out. I didn’t go. I became friends with one of the girls at the table and she had the same story. His intentions are to meet girls on websites and get them to come out and go clubbing with him, get them drunk and offer them a bed for the night. Gorgeous girls on his arm in the club make him look good, he had no intention of having a Sugar Baby.

Date #2

The next date was with an older gentleman. He seemed very nice, polite, funny and we shared a bottle of wine and tapas, and discussed what we both wanted out of the relationship. He offered $3k a month, to be exclusive, but then said that he needed to ‘test run’ me that evening before giving me anything. Apparently, other girls had no problem with this. Again, I politely declined, got the hell out of there and took the bus home.

Date #3

The third and most recent date, and the one that prompted me to write this blog, was with a man who certainly seemed impressive. Pictures with F1 racing drivers, flashy cars, luxurious locations, etc. We arranged to meet in a five star hotel and he pulled up in his white Range Rover. We had a glass of champagne downstairs and I didn’t realize he had booked a room there until he suggested we go upstairs to talk instead, so I agreed, he seemed nice.

He insisted he wanted to take care of me and hated the thought of me being broke, so said he would transfer $1k into my account as he had no cash on him. I knew this to be a lie as I saw a wad of cash in his wallet when he paid for the champagne. But, he said, he couldn’t transfer until the morning as it was an overseas transfer and Dubai would not be open at that time. He then said he would only do it if I stayed the night with him. I said no, obviously and could I please take 20 pounds for a taxi home as it was late, he grumbled and offered 10!

I write these experiences not to moan about men who are taking advantage of girls in need, but also as a warning. It seems with the rise of Sugar Babies that there are many men who are taking advantage of the freely flowing supply of gorgeous, broke women. I am not easily fooled these days, but I can bet that a lot of girls would be somewhat more unsuspecting, and these men prey on young girls who are more trusting. They try their luck, and they do not always get lucky, but if one-in-five are fooled with their deceit, that is still a result in their eyes. Girls, be careful. Get to know who you are dealing with and do not agree to spend any more time with your date if he is not serious about helping you out the way a gentleman should and having a long term arrangement. There still are genuine Sugar Daddies out there, it’s just a matter of weeding them out.