Being A Transgender Sugar Baby

By Avianna

Apr 07, 2017

It is something that doesn’t concern most people and aren’t they lucky! But for some, including me, it is something to consider carefully, very carefully. It is being a transgender sugar baby.

There can often be a variety of things to beware with a potential sugar daddy (POT). Especially so when you’ve just started messaging each other, but imagine dropping the T bomb. It can obliterate anything before any plans are made.

Wading Through Rejection

It happens a lot and I’ve come to expect it. I’m messaging a POT and I wonder if he will still be interested in me after I tell him that I am transgender. A lot of POTs message me saying that my photos are beautiful but then message me minutes later writing ‘‘I didn’t realise you are trans. Not for me.’’ My heart immediately sinks. It’s very hard to take this kind of rejection especially when they found me attractive but my being transgender scared them off. The phrase ‘‘not for me’’ rings in my ears and hits me hard . I often spend hours and maybe days messaging a POT all for it to end in this way. So, is there any solution?

In an attempt to resolve this problem, I decide to write clearly on my profile that I am a transgender girl. My intention is aiming to minimise time wasting and the receiving of messages from POTs that are not interested in trans women. I wanted to reduce the hostility that may be sent my way. And I don’t want to be accused of trying to fool anyone. My hopes are that an open-minded POT  will message me because they would see on my profile that I am a transgender woman.

Finding The Diamond In The Rough

Things became quieter upon writing that I was transgender. I didn’t receive as many messages. I am okay with this because I am look for quality not quantity. It eventually pays off because a POT found my profile and we began messaging each other. It led to the much sought after online arrangement.

We planned to meet but never did. Instead we spent four months messaging one another online. I told my Sugar Daddy about my desire to permanently remove my facial hair by means of electrolysis and he generously gave me €1,000 to begin the treatment. Eventually, interest waned and the arrangement ended. I am happy to have met at least one Sugar Daddy who gave me a chance as a trans woman. At one point, he revealed to me that he dated a transgender woman before. I was glad to know this. He knew about trans women, how to make them feel valued and how to treat them with respect.

There are POTs out there that are trans accepting and loving. They are hard to find that’s for sure but it isn’t impossible.

Do What Works for You

The decision as to whether or not to disclose that you are transgender on your profile or in messages is yours to make. Think about the pros and cons to disclosing your trans identity and only do it if you want to. Make sure the disclosing of your trans identity does not jeopardise your safety. Mention it to make yourself more safe and more comfortable. Expect rejection upon revealing your trans identity but know that can meet a POT that will absolutely adore you because you are transgender. It is your unique selling point! It is something special that helps you stand out from the crowd. You are unique, value it and find a sugar daddy who values it too.