What No One Tells You About Being a Sugar Baby

By Ashleigh

Nov 12, 2015

So, you’re a Sugar Baby. You’ve done your research on Let’s Talk Sugar. You’ve posted in the forums and chatted up all the Sugar vets. You have even perfected your profile on SeekingArrangement, complete with an inbox flooded with POT Sugar Daddies as proof.

But there are still a few things that, despite your extensive research, may have surprised you. Let’s talk about what no one talks about, what no one tells you about being a Sugar Baby.  

You may lose friends or someone close to you because of moral disagreements or simple ignorance.  People, even those you care about deeply, may not agree with every decision you make in your life.  Does that necessarily mean it’s wrong? No. Does it mean they’re a bad person? No. It just means you’re two different people with two different outlooks on life. Yours is just a bit sweeter.

If you’re truly dedicated to making the most of Sugaring, it can mean putting in the hours, organization and old-fashioned hard work.  Being ready at the drop of a hat for a Sugar date means a lot of upkeep and maintenance, not just with your appearance, but keeping your calendar flexible as well. Staying on top of your flawless looks, hitting the gym, and balancing Sugar dates can be, well, exhausting at times. But when you’re feeling particularly lazy and day dreaming about binge watching seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, keep in mind that the more hard work you put in, the more you are rewarded in the end.

Safety is an all too real issue with anything online related, whether it be social media, blogging and of course, online dating.  You are your own first line of defense when it comes to keeping yourself safe. Ignorance is never bliss. Be sure to practice safety with your identity online as well as your physical being when meeting in person.  Tell a friend where you will be, carry pepper spray and always be aware of your surroundings.  The simple safety tips we all have drilled in our head can go along way, even if you never need to use them.

We all know the show on MTV that sucks us in, but being caught by a catfish can be all too real. There are people on the Internet that are not who they claim to be. Unbelievable, I know. But doing a little research on someone and being safe about your interactions with others online will save you a lot of heartache.  SeekingArrangement is diligent about filtering out as many of these individuals as possible through several different security measures, but if you still happen to have one on your line, be sure to report them so no one else can fall victim.

What is something you feel is often unsaid about being a Sugar Baby?