Why I Sugar

By Ivy Babe

Jan 10, 2018

I’m a young woman with an Ivy League education and an impressive resume for my age. I’ve always had high GPAs, received prestigious academic awards, and the well-earned respect of my professional and academic mentors. I am hard working, independently ambitious, and employed full-time in a lucrative field, with several profitable side gigs. I am a Sugar Baby.
Many people have close minded preconceptions about sugar babies. They’re stuck on the image of the beautiful but brainless, lazy and lecherous gold digger archetype who expects the best of life to be handed to her on a gold platter. These days, that couldn’t be further from the truth. So what do we, the modern women of the sugar bowl, get out of it all?

Self Affirmation

While I’ve certainly come into my own through puberty, I was an awkward, lanky wallflower as a child. I was never the one that men were blown away by. Even after blooming, my self esteem wasn’t where it ought to have been. After an emotionally devastating first relationship, in which I gave everything I had and more to a man who wasn’t worth it and didn’t appreciate it, having a successful, established, powerful older man value my time and company so much that he would pay thousands for it was transformative. It inspired me to take a real look at what I’m worth and to set some standards for myself.


I grew up in a domestic violence situation. My father degraded, abused, and beat us. The physical injuries were far overshadowed by the psychological pain and, from the age of 7 or 8, I knew I needed to free my family from his hold. As an adult, I have been able to finally help my mother and sister escape, thanks to miscellaneous sugar income. My own taxed, official income covers my personal expenses, but my allowance covers the high legal costs of an international divorce and battling misogynistic courts in a third world country. It helps my mother raise my sister without child support, and helps her find her footing after years out of the workforce. With my allowance, I secure freedom and a more hopeful future for those nearest and dearest to me.

Professional Mentoring

Don’t let your jaws hit the floor when I tell you, completely honestly, that I genuinely enjoy spending my time with my Daddy and have never had one where that hasn’t been the case. Because I didn’t enter the Bowl with personal financial desperation, I was able to take a lot of time – solidly half a year, each time – to chat with and meet POTs, before finding a Daddy with a genuine connection and mutual respect. My Daddy is an amazing, accomplished, kind, and very generous man, and while he’s the one who compensates me for my time, I am extremely fortunate to be among those he spends his time on and with.

An Outlet

Everyone knows Daddies often come to the Bowl for an escape. Few realize how true that is for many Babies, as well. In my vanilla life, I’m a straight laced. I am a type A overachiever. Personally, I am from a financially disadvantaged background. I earn well enough for myself and allow myself indulgences like eating out and expensive hair treatments.  I’m certainly not fine dining daily or staying at the Four Seasons when I travel. When I’m with my Daddy, however, I get to step into a world where money simplified everything. I step into a world where doormen take my coat. My food is delivered with beautiful silver cutlery. My service is always impeccable, and no luxury is trop cher.

I am discreet about my double life because of the prejudices of my more conservative friends. Yes, I am a Sugar Baby. No, I am not ashamed.