Why I Will Always Be a Sugar Baby

By Jenna Rae

Sep 10, 2018

Everyone’s reasons for joining the sugar bowl are different. Maybe you are a university student looking for help with tuition. Maybe you are established in your career and are looking for mentorship to help climb the corporate ladder, or are looking for some extra help to start your own business venture. Or maybe you just prefer the sugar lifestyle to compliment your already full life. No matter what your reasons are, there will always be a few of us who discover the sugar bowl and decide to never leave. I fit into this group. As soon as I discovered sugaring I knew it was the lifestyle for me!


From a very young age, I knew I never wanted to get married or have children – that “traditional” lifestyle just never appealed to me. I’ve never babysat or changed a diaper or daydreamed about my perfect engagement ring and designer wedding dress. I like to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I like to set my own goals without having to compromise. When I tell people I am not planning to get married or have children, many will reply with “Oh, you will change your mind at some point” or “You will be lonely when you get older”. Those phrases used to upset me, but I have learned to accept that others will always have an opinion, especially if you feel strongly on a topic that doesn’t fit the general views of society. In fact, I wish I would have known that the sugar lifestyle was a real possibility much earlier in my life. Today, I am glad that sugaring is more mainstream than it was 12 years ago when Seeking Arrangement was launched. I love having a long-term sugar daddy who is such an important part of my life, but not in the traditional relationship sense.


I am one of those people who needs their alone time. This is when I recharge my batteries or crush my to-do list. Sometimes I just want to have chips and salsa for dinner at going to bed at 8 pm on a Saturday night, and I can do this guilt-free because I don’t live with a significant other 24/7. At home spa nights are completely unrushed. I love the perfect balance of spending quality time with someone I really enjoy and then heading home to my own quiet life, knowing there will never be that inevitable argument over whose turn it is to take out the garbage.


I love walking in the door to my apartment after a busy day and knowing everything is exactly as I left it. No one has left their dishes in the sink or forgot to change the toilet paper roll, and some amazing person always remembers to make the bed in the morning! Décor is entirely up to me – no need to compromise on the color of paint or which couch to buy. I am free to express my own creativity and can switch it up whenever I please. I have a fluffy white rug in my bedroom and white satin sheets just because I can. Whether my house is a bit messy or sparkling clean, it is solely a reflection of the choices I have made. There is no requirement to check in with anyone. If I want to go out for drinks with my girlfriends at 11 pm on a work night, I don’t need anyone’s approval. I just go! My life gets to be all about me.


I’ve worked a full-time job since I was 17, and up to the time I became a sugar baby, I always had 2 or 3 part-time jobs on top of that. I currently work full-time and I am working towards my Bachelor of Commerce on a part-time basis, with the complete support of my sugar daddy. Life is a constant process of learning and growing. Having someone to be there as a mentor during every phase of my life is invaluable. Even though I need the financial support at this stage in my life, every day I work towards financial independence. There will come a day when the financial aspect is no longer the driving force, and mentorship will take that place. Life is constantly about seeking the connections for the life you are striving towards.

Remember, you can never be too old to be a sugar baby. As you get older, so do the sugar daddies. Everything is relative. Take the time to enjoy every second of this fantastic lifestyle – for however long you may be in the sugar bowl!