Why Sugar Babies Are Feminists

By Kaye

Aug 24, 2016

Feminists are not victims. We decide our own destiny, we forge our own paths, and we do not let things happen to us – we make things happen. We fight to get a seat at the table. These are also intrinsic beliefs of a Sugar Baby.

Contrary to the mainstream misrepresentation of Sugar Babies and the lifestyle, these men and women (representing every age, race, creed, sexual orientation and economic status) embody feminism. Here’s why:

They Choose To Take Control

Sugar Babies are not interested in handouts or freebies. These are goal-driven women seeking mentorship and guidance as they pursue educations and careers. Sugar Babies are actively choosing to elevate their lifestyle and create opportunities.

By understanding they may not currently have the financial needs, or business acumen needed to take the next step, they know where to find it. By seeking out benefactors and mentors, Sugar Babies are taking control of their lives and forging onward despite their current circumstances.

They Have Equal Expectations

Sugar Babies are leveling the playing field between genders. Society wholeheartedly accepts when men expect their partner to be x,y, and z, and are lauded for looking past face value. Whereas non-feminists think women who are as vocal or particular are either “gold digger,” “founder hounders,” etc. SBs have the same expectations when it comes to searching and selecting a partner. This partner must fit the Sugar Babies’ determined criteria, and settling for less is not an option.

They Know Their Value

Dating is no longer a gamble or waste of time. Sugar Babies rarely humor a man or woman who does not fit their exact emotional, physical or financial needs. While compromising is not a flaw or a sign of weakness, these women rarely budge on certain aspects of their life. Sugar Babies have an end game and if you’re not helping her get there, she has no time for you.

They Believe in Women

Sugar Babies belong to a growing, vocal community. While they may be members of a niche, subculture, these women do not view each other as competition. Dubbing themselves ‘Sugar Sisters’, new and veteran Sugar Babies interact regularly in forums by offering tips, advice and anecdotes. Because the lifestyle can sometimes be viewed unfairly by society, these women choose to stand together by elevating one another.