2016 Summer Fashion Trends

By Alexis G

Jun 02, 2016

Summer is here, which means it’s time to pull out your skirts, shorts and sun dresses and pack up your sweaters. If your wardrobe needs a bit of an update check out this list of summertime wardrobe essentials. It’s important to dress to impress, not only for your Sugar Daddy, but for your everyday life as well.

Slip Dresses

These easy to wear dresses are light and airy so they are perfect for hot summer days. The sexy silhouette will make you feel hot while staying cool. Plus, you can pair a slip dress with a chambray shirt or sheer kimono to create a trendy layered look.


Off-The-Shoulder Everything

Showing off your shoulders is a flirty and classy way to show a bit of skin. This season tops, dresses and rompers are saying hello to bare shoulders. Try out a casual romper for a lunch date with the girls. Choose something a bit dressier for a night out with your Sugar Daddy.

off shoulder PM

Distressed Denim Shorts

There is something that is just effortlessly sexy about distressed denim and when you add showing off your legs to the mix, well, let’s just say a lot of heads will be turning your way. Denim looks good with pretty much everything, so styling shouldn’t be an issue. However, please don’t overdo it; make sure your shorts are not obscenely short and if you like them super distressed like I do, make sure your private areas stay, um, private.


Lace-up Flats

When we think of sexy shoes most of us think about sky-high heels that make your legs look amazing and your feet cry for help. This summer you can give your feet a break with some funky lace-up flats. Wear these with skirts or pants for a comfortable and polished look.


Graphic Bags

This summer let your bag do the talking. If you find yourself attracted to unique purses in bold shapes and colors covered in words or phrases now is your time to rock one. Remember, the more personality your bag has the better.
graphic purses
These five summer trends will definitely get your summer wardrobe off to a great start. Share your summer style must-haves in the comments below.