5 Gifts to Ask For From the Neiman Marcus Holiday Mag

By Rachel

Dec 03, 2015

No holiday is truly complete for a Sugar Baby without a gift from the Neiman Marcus Holiday Magazine. If you are still adjusting to the life of luxury, or if you don’t know what to put on your Christmas list this year, this annual book of expensive goodies is a good place to start.

In 1926 Neiman Marcus published a Christmas booklet with 16 pages of Christmas gift suggestions. In 1939 Neiman Marcus created and sent a magazine-size holiday catalog that became an annual mailer. Today this catalog sets the standard for publications of its kind, giving ideal eye candy for the fashionista and must-haves for the sweetest and most deserving of Sugar Babies, such as yourself.

Chanel Vamp Attitude Collection- While everyone has their preference when it comes to makeup, each woman needs to have one piece of Chanel in their beauty bags! This year, a gleaming Holiday colour collection celebrates the rebellious black-red, ‘Vamp’ — the shade that became an icon. Originally revealed in 1994, the unique Le Vernis shade made history on the runway. Darks are in this fall and winter, so pucker up to Daddy and add this to your makeup collection.   

La Prairie Skin Care– The closest thing to plastic surgery when it comes to tight, youthful looking complexion without ever going under the knife. We are talking next level in exuberance skincare. The legend of La Prairie began in Switzerland on a quest to become the pioneers in anti-aging in 1978 before instagram filters hid blemishes and Proactiv infomercials were a thing. The complexity of the formulations and the use of caviar makes it an unrivaled moisturizer. Some of the collections are upwards of $1,000, so don’t be afraid to ask Daddy to invest in your health this Christmas.


Christian Louboutin Lipstick and nail polish– He won our hearts with shoes, but this year our favorite splash of red is in the form of a dangerously addicting lip color and nail polish collection. Inspired by Middle Eastern antiquities and the Art Deco movement, the solid metal body is reminiscent of a precious vial. Looped and threaded with a silk ribbon, you can even build a necklace. The perfect stocking stuffer at a reasonable $90 a lipstick. Your Sugar Daddy will think it’s a steal!

Loub        Loub2
Oscar De La Renta Statement Pieces– You don’t have to be a celebrity walking the red carpet to dawn Oscar De La Renta. Made in the USA, Oscar de la Renta statement necklaces are 10k gold, plated tin and brass with Swarovski crystal pearls. This perfectly elegant piece is what you need to add to the little black black dress, or long gown for a fancy night out with your Sugar Daddy. Statement pieces are also big this year. And bigger is always better ladies.


Limited Edition Giorgio Armani Prive Perfume- We all have our favorite scents, but how about one that’s exclusive and makes you feel goldenliterally gold dust is immersed in every intoxicating spritz that will have your Sugar Daddy entranced. Rose, saffron and patchouli notes come together to create a mature, yet feminine scent. If you’re going to look expensive, it’s only suiting that you smell expensive too!



Click here to see all of the 2015 Neiman Marcus holiday book. Is there anything you are dying for this holiday season?