5 Hair Styles to Drive Your Sugar Daddy Wild

By Kaye

Feb 18, 2016

Don’t know how to fix your hair for a first or second date with Daddy? Here are 5 hair styles to drive your Sugar Daddy wild.

Blended Bangs

Blended bangs are one of the most stylish and flattering hairdos for women as they enhance the shape of your face while softening any harsh angles. The blended bang look is also ideal for most hair types, save curly hair (sorry, ladies!). There are a few different lengths women can choose from based off length of their of hair. Bangs that are cheekbone-length are ideal for women with long layers, while bangs that reach just below the eyelid work best for shorter hair and choppy layers.

This hairdo is recommended for all occasions.


Loose Waves

For a romantic look, loose waves and soft curls are the way to go. While adding volume and softening the facial features, relaxed tresses delicate. This style is ideal for women with medium to long hair, and works well on all hair types. A low-maintenance, relatively easy style to perfect, this look is versatile and is great for date nights, cocktail parties, or special events.


Messy Bun

Whether resting at the top of your head, just below your crown, at the nape of your neck or to the side, a messy bun is the perfect hairdo for a romantic evening or casual coffee date. Youthful yet stylish, this will remind your SD just


Center Part

Be bold. While side parts have reigned supreme for decades, center parts are making a comeback. An attention-grabbing look, parting down the middle not only slims the face, but also creates the illusion of length and symmetry (all round-shaped faces, take note.) If you’re looking to impress your Sugar Daddy by adding some sophistication to your look, this trick is highly recommended. What’s the best part (no pun intended)? It works for all hair types/textures, lengths and styles.  


Slicked Back Pony

Best for thin or fine hair, this sleek look like will have your Sugar Daddy thinking you just stepped off the runway. This polished look is both elegant and casual and can be worn on any occasion. You’ll exude confidence and sophistication and will have all eyes on you. To get this super stylish look, we suggest use flat irons.