7 Ways to Feel Instantly Sexier

By BronzedSugarUK

Sep 25, 2015

When you feel like your best self, it’s easy to have confidence for your Sugar Daddy or POT. Use these tips to feel instantly sexier.

Buff the Blues Away

We all know that feeling: the pleasure you get after slathering yourself in your favorite body scrub. Your skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom and you can’t stop running your hands over it. Buff that dead skin away with a sugar or sea salt.
As a guide, the finer the particles, the more gentle the scrub, so a sea salt scrub is very likely to be more intense than a sugar scrub. Make sure to treat your skin to some moisturizer afterwards. Personally, I love to use products with organic cocoa butter post scrub because it gives the skin a very silky feel.

The Gorgeous Glow-Up

Nothing looks sexier than accentuating your tan, or melanin with a bronzed tone. Grab yourself some faux tanner if you are on the paler side and watch how the bronzed look instantly slims you.

For my beautiful women of colour, grab that liquid, cream or powder highlighter and embrace the 3 C’s : cleavage, collarbone and cuspids bow. Apply a light amount of highlighter to those areas and watch the heads turn. Please be mindful that you are going for a subtle glow, not a shiny sparkle. And an uneven tan is never tasteful.

Another bronzer tip: mixed with a little lotion, loose bronzer can mask cellulite on your thighs. Just rub it in evenly and watch the bronze tones shade in the dimples. Show off those thighbrows!

Lustful Lingerie Keeps the Doctor Away

Special lingerie is not just for Valentine’s Day. It’s for the ‘pick me up’ days, the ‘no one can stop me’ days, or the ‘I just remembered how sexy I am’ days. I wear sexy lingerie all the time, and it’s done wonders for my confidence.

The best thing is it can be as inconspicuous or obvious as you want. I’ve had days powering through London, SD by my side, with a garter belt and stockings, as my own little secret. I’ve had days when a very deserving man in my life has received a very sensuous dance in such garments.

The choice is yours, you are the captain of your ship, or should I say yacht. Some silky stockings and a suspender belt can easily remind you of the sensual person you are, and you’re Sugar Daddy too … if he’s lucky enough.

Perfect Pedi

Getting a pro pedicure instantly transforms your feet from yeti to sexy. Besides, what better excuse do you need to ask for some killer heels than to show off your gorgeous toes. I recommend red, not only is it a timeless classic but there are so many different shades and tones that your little peeps will never look dull again. Red is also a Sugar Daddy favorite.

Blowouts and High Ponies

It’s spectacular what a trip to the hair salon can do. All you need is a couple of hours, a little bit of cash, and a style in mind. Sit back and relax as the hairstylist works on creating a new look and leave the salon feeling 10 times sexier. Caution: I cannot be held responsible for the inevitable trail of bashful men that will try to get your attention. Choose wisely.

Unsure of what new hairstyle to try or perhaps your funds are running low, not a problem. Get some hair gel, some hair ties, a few extensions and slick your locks back into a high pony. For added sex factor, the longer and sleeker the better. Without even realising it, you’re accentuating your body’s most erogenous area, your neck.

Complete the Look with Confidence

None of these steps are truly complete without a dose of confidence. People are naturally attracted to strong and confident people. Combine confidence with sex appeal and you are a force to be reckoned with.

This part is priceless. No purchase necessary, all you need is belief that you can handle whatever is thrown at you and appreciation of the work you’ve put into looking and feeling hot. In no time people will wonder, “how does she do it?”