Attract A Sugar Daddy With Your Fragrance

By Victoria Naples

May 30, 2017

A fragrance makes a very personal statement about a Sugar Baby.  It communicates her personality on a subconscious level, and makes others respond in ways they can’t anticipate.  That’s because fragrances have the power to enhance mood, trigger memories, and even serve as aphrodisiacs.  Thus, a savvy SB recognizes that choosing a suitable scent can help cultivate a meaningful relationship with her Sugar Daddy.  There are oodles of fragrance categories out there, so we chose the most basic ones to give you a sense of which will attract a Sugar Daddy with your fragrance.


Floral scents are some of the most feminine and flirty.  Men smell flowers and automatically think of women.  What you need to do is pick a fragrance that is unique. This will make a characterization about you.  Most women go for a floral bouquet scent, because it’s a little bit of this and that.  However you don’t want to blend in.  So instead,try wearing a floral that is mainly focused on one flower.  Chloe’s Roses de Chloe is heavy on roses. Estee Lauder Pleasures has a strong lily of the valley presence.  If you are truly looking for a single scent the brand Demeter is a treasure trove.


Woody scents are warm and generally have notes of amber and sandalwood.  These may be ideal for a SD that has a sensitive nose, or appreciates something multi-layered.  Stella McCartney’s Stella in Two Peony has floral top notes and woody bottom notes of cedar, patchouli and amber.  For more of a woody scent, try Narcisco Rodriguez for Her which is musky.


Oriental fragrances are known for having heady aromas due to their frequent inclusion of exotic florals and spicy scents.  They are best for nighttime wear since they can be rather intoxicating.  Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb is one of the most popular today in this fragrance family.  It has bergamot, pink pepper and white leather accord.  If that’s too daring for you, then consider Pinrose Sun Saint.  Its key notes are coconut and cashmere wood.


Fresh scents are very popular these days.  They can be citrus, “green,” or have the aroma of water.  These are best for day time as they are often more subtle.  These sort of scents weren’t popular years ago, so chances are that your SD may be not familiar with them – so he will be doubly enchanted by something new.  The brand CLEAN makes some of the best ones out there. A good place to start with the line is Reserve Rain, which captures the scent of the rainforest.

As for green fragrances try Marc Jacobs Mod Noir which smells like a lush field mixed with gardenias. Or try Chanel No. 19 which smells of green trees and iris.  Popular citrus scents include Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin and NEST Citrine.  Just bear in mind that gentlemen of a certain age are often not indoctrinated into the fruity scents that have exploded in the last couple of decades.


If you find that you still can’t make a decision, then take an educated guess based on what his house and its grounds smell like. Those are obviously fragrances he admires.  If his house smells of a kitchen put to good use, then opt for a gourmand scent like Lancome La Vie Est Belle.  If his flower beds are overflowing, then try a classic floral like Ralph Lauren Romance.