Brown Sugar Baby Hairstyles

By Zenya Rose

Feb 01, 2017

The first step to finding the Sugar Daddy for you is enticing the right man with a profile that broadcasts a genuine reflection of yourself. Being a brown Sugar Babe is a commodity that you should be proud of, and comes with a plethora of perks he can’t get with anyone else. One of the biggest aspects of being a woman of color is hair; it intrigues people, it is a reflection of your health, and it can be manipulated in a myriad of ways.

I interviewed real Sugar Daddies and asked their opinions on hair so that you can find a style that reflects exactly how you want to be portrayed. Here are some Brown Sugar Baby hairstyles to try.

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Natural Hair

Your natural hair can come in a combination of curl patterns otherwise unknown to someone who isn’t familiar with the hair-typing spectrum. Maybe it is loose and resembles Taylor Swift’s carefree curls, or perhaps it is wound up tight, like Lupita Nyong’o’s quietly coiffed afro.

You could even come to find that your hair contains a combination of curl patterns. Knowing your hair type is going to help you calculate what your hair needs in order to maintain health, shine, and length.

If you are unsure where your hair falls and what its needs are, a salon will evaluate this for you, often for less than $20 if not for free!

Once you’ve found your hair type, maintenance becomes much easier because you know what your hair needs. Youtube is absolutely flooded with tons of hair and beauty gurus who cover everything from wash day routines, to occasion styles, help with length retention and moisture locking complete with products to give a try! Napural85 is one to check out, when get started.

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Protective Styles

What are Protective styles? These are any style you put your hair in to give it a rest from heat, excessive styling and manipulation. Protective styles can range from braids, to weaves, to wigs, and the goal is to keep you from touching your hair every day. With the return of 90’s fashions in style, there has never been a better time to rock some corn rows or exotic Marley twists.

There are plenty of natural protective styles if the look of weaves doesn’t entice you. If you don’t know anyone around that does braided styles, check out StyleSeat, there are usually stylists looking to break out in your area that are otherwise being overlooked.

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Weave is easily one of the most well-known protective styles. Perhaps you are in the mood to give your natural hair a break, because regular curling and flat-ironing it with heat is an easy way to damage your tresses. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to go blonde but are afraid of bleaching your precious locks. Weave may be a viable option for both cases.

The kind of weave Sugar Daddies like is the kind that they can assume might be growing out of your head. Overwhelmingly, men are fans of perceived natural beauty. They generally don’t ask for a full face complete with contouring, false eyelashes and over-lined lips, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want a freshly-washed face either. The sweet spot lies somewhere in between too little and too much.

The same can be said for weave. You could have a clip in or two to add some volume and fullness to your mane, you could do a full sew-in for a totally updated do with highlights, or you could have 24 inches of ruby red hair that doesn’t match your skin tone.

The sweet spot is different for everybody, I cannot tell you where it lies for you. If in doubt, ask a few friends if you could rock some longer locks, get more than one opinion, and make sure it’s not from a people-pleaser, who will just tell you what you want to hear.  

If you are already in a Sugar Relationship, you could even ask your Sugar Daddy what style he prefers. He will tell you straight up what he wants to see on you, and he may even fund your trip to the salon!

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Wigs are the grandmother of all protective styles, and although the name alone gives off matronly vibes, they are coming back in style.

Celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner, have brought wigs back into the public eye, but they never really went away. People just stopped talking about them as much when weave gained popularity.

Much like any other style, you’ve got to find the hair that works for you! A blonde bob may be in your future, with none of the hair-frying commitment. The very next week you could be rocking a sleek, black, Kardashian-inspired cut. Your Sugar Daddy will love that you are able to switch up your look entirely, seemingly in the blink of an eye.

The number one rule of wigs and weaves is blending! An unblended wig will look like a hair hat on your head at its absolute worst. However, when done right, people will stare in awe and question what is real. Once again, Youtube is loaded with tons of hair blending techniques. Two gurus that lay wigs on a regular basis to check out would be Ivy Dear and fabulasityisme.

What the Daddies Say

Out of all the men I interviewed, the recurring theme was this: It does not matter if you are wearing wig, weave, clip- extensions, or your natural hair. If it looks good and hits the natural sweet spot on you, men WILL like it!

Men typically seemed to stray from anything that resembled being over done, some were outliers, but for the most part, they like to think that they are seeing you without all the glitz and glam, but the true gem inside! If you are still looking for a Sugar Daddy, keep this in mind in profile photos, use natural lighting and smile. If you already have a Sugar Daddy, get him involved in your next hair-do! He will love knowing the effort you put into getting yourself all dolled up for him!