Brown Sugar

By Sugar Experts

Sep 03, 2015

We have beautiful women of all colors on SeekingArrangement. We value diversity and so do the successful men and women on our site. There is nothing sexier than an exotic woman, namely a dark skinned one! From hair care to stereotypes, becoming a Sugar Baby doesn’t need to be difficult. Who better to share advice about presenting yourself than a brown Sugar expert, Akira!

Presentation Matters

What’s on the inside is truly what counts, and the first impression is key to revealing that. Your outward appearance however, does represent how you take care of yourself. Whether you are just signing up or revamping your profile, keep those photos classy.

When formatting your profile, be honest with what kind of arrangement you want. Keep it positive, and as Akira says “check the drama at the door.” Think of your profile as a resume. You want to give interested readers a snapshot of who you are and why you are worth their time. Wealthy benefactors want intellect. They don’t just want a pretty girl. They want a girl who can hold a conversation. Don’t use slang or bad grammar. Sophistication will go a long way.

Market Yourself

This is the fun part! This is your chance to be feminine and personalize your look and style. Start with fresh make-up. Get a professional to match your foundation or concealer colors in good lighting. Taking the extra time and money to create a flawless face will contribute to your confidence on the date.

Black women’s hair is a mystery to most men. Luckily, natural is in right now. Take care of your hair pre-date by wrapping it at night or carrying travel size products with you to adjust the style if needed.

Wear clothing that flatters your figure. Never be too revealing. In the famous words of Marilyn Monroe, “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.”

Attract the Best

To attract the best possible match you have to paint yourself in a flattering light on the site, to make him think you are worthy of being spoiled like a queen. Details matter, such as creating an email that mirrors your maturity, rather than something like “hottieprincess22.”

Expand your horizons! You want to be open to interracial dating. You will have better options if you are willing to date outside your race. You shouldn’t assume someone is being racist just because they aren’t interested. This happens a lot on the site, and on social media. People have preferences and that is something you can’t take personally.

For all Sugar Babies, if you haven’t had success it has nothing to do with your race. Keeping negativity to a minimum is important. Being broke is common among Sugar Babies, I mean that’s why you’re here! But you have to fake it till you make it, and be the best you on your profile. Sugar takes time, just like finding a traditional relationship. Be patient, and be open minded.

What is your advice for any Sugar Baby?