Building a Makeup Collection

By Colette

Nov 24, 2016

As a Sugar Baby, it’s really important to put your best foot (or face!) forward on a date.  First impressions matter, and makeup can play a big role in helping you look and feel your best.  

Exploring the wonderful world of makeup can be exciting, but it can also be pretty daunting.  How do you know which products to try, and which to avoid?  How can you experiment without looking like a clown?

In this article, I’ll lay out some tips and tricks to building a makeup collection and experimenting with different looks. Enjoy!


Before you get started, take stock of your features and skin type.  Do you tend to have oily, dry, or combination skin?  Are there certain features you want to bring out?  Take notes and then start browsing through magazines and social media for inspiration.  

If you’re brand new to makeup and want to learn techniques and get product reviews, I definitely recommend browsing through YouTube.  Not only are there tons of tutorials, but I find that YouTube is the most reliable source for real-time, honest reviews of makeup products.  

Since YouTubers are very in tune with the latest product launches and often post videos based on what subscribers want to see, the site is a great place to keep up with current beauty trends.

This LTS blog will help get you started with some of the top beauty vloggers.


As you conduct your research, take notes and create wish lists of tools and products you’ll need to create your looks.  I keep wish lists in the notes section of my phone, so they’re always handy in case I’m with an SD that wants to take me shopping.  

You’ll soon find that everything adds up very quickly—it’s dangerously easy to blow through $300 at Sephora!  So if you have time and want to be a superstar, pretend your SD is taking you shopping.  

Create the ideal shopping spree with different budgets—that way, you’re more likely to spend the budget on things you actually want, rather than impulsively picking up things you end up throwing out later on.


Unfortunately, SD-sponsored trips to Sephora don’t happen every day.  If only!  So in the meantime, set a realistic budget for yourself.  

Don’t worry if you’re starting from scratch and don’t have a big budget—there are still tons of amazing products to choose from.  NYX, ELF, and even Wet’n’Wild have great products at super affordable prices, and online-only brands like Colourpop and Makeup Geek have cool products that rival their Sephora counterparts.  

But if you can afford to mix and match, then I definitely recommend splurging on tools like brushes and sponges, and saving on everyday products like mascara and foundation.  You’ll save in the long run, from not having to buy new brushes because the cheaper ones fell apart—and your makeup will apply and blend more smoothly.


Finally, my biggest tip is to practice, practice, practice!  And please, DON’T try a new look or technique when you’re getting ready for a date.  Do athletes try a new play during a game?  Not unless they want to lose!  Getting ready for a date is no different.  Put on some fun music and practice until you love the results.

Happy Sugaring!