How to care for Natural Hair

By Aurora

Apr 19, 2018

Most brown Sugar Babies know that tending to and beautifying their natural hair can be hard. This is especially so in the wintry months. The difficulty to handle and style hair can delay and prevent us brown Sugar Babies from meetings with our Sugar Daddies. However, with this guide, it should be easier to maintain hair health no matter what the weather forecast is.

Moisture is Essential

Moisturizing your hair and keeping it moist throughout the day will ensure yours is smooth, sheen/shiny and strong.You should apply twice a day natural oils to your hair. Try to always go silicone free. Jojoba oil is great for this and it stimulates your scalp to make your hair grow faster.You can also rely on moisture in the atmosphere to soften your hair by applying a humectant to lock-in moisture. To do this apply honey (a natural humectant)to your hair when you are at home for several hours then rinse it out.After washing your hair you should apply Shea butter. This is known to form a barrier between hair and dry atmospheres or some other natural occlusive. All these methods have been used for years by naturalists to keep their hair looking beautiful so you should feel free to try them out.

Try Various Protective Hairstyles

There are many trendy protective hairstyles and timeless classics that we brown Sugar Babies can experiment with. Examples include: single plaits/braids, cornrows, faux locs, yarn locs and crochet braids.These styles and other retain hair length, prevent breakage and keep our manageable (once it has been taken out). They also make it easy to get up and go to dates and meetings since our hair has already been styled.Having your hair protected is a wise winter move that both you and your Sugar Daddu will love.

Invest in Good Head Gear

When you go to bed at night you should be wrapping or covering your hair. This is so when you wake your hair is still neat and magical. An added benefit of keeping your hair covered in satin caps or scarfs or hair nets etc. is that it prevents your pillowcase from absorbing your hairs’ moisture.It is also a good idea to wear something on your head when you go out e.g. wigs and woolen hats. These can keep your scalp warm and form a barrier between your hair and the wind and rain.Therefore, make sure you buy yourself some en-vogue hats and practical night headwear.

Do NOT Fry Your Hair!

Heat makes hair become brittle. It damages it by destroying your natural coil/curl pattern. The damage is worse in winter as it leaves it dry and weak. If you want to try straightening it you should use afro combs. Or try a traditional African method involving thread to get your hair straight. If you plan to curl your hair you can use hair setting products. Use foam curling hair sticks to do just that.Heat damaged hair is simply no good. It will be full of split ends and need to be cut. Hair in its natural texture is at its strongest. It can endure any kind of weather.Stay away from heat and your hair will look neat.

Following the advice stated can ensure you have beautiful and bountiful hair. This will keep your Sugar Daddy interested in your looks. He might even request to put his fingers in your hair. You may feel the need to tell him, “please don’t touch my hair” lol! Now there is no excuse for having unmanageable, dry and difficult hair.