Closet Staples for the Classic Sugar Baby

By NobodysWife

May 22, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have endless options in your closet to be able to dress for all occasions. What you do need are a few essentials to build off of. Here are some items for the city Sugar Baby that provide a solid base.

The Black Skirt

This is probably the most versatile clothing item you can own. My first black skirt was a pencil skirt and I wore it for years. Years. It saved my butt multitudes of times. And also covered it. I still have an affinity toward it just thinking of it… Choose a skirt length and shape that flatters your figure. Don’t go too short, and also make sure you don’t look dowdy in it. Now mix and match. Really, you can wear a black skirt to pretty much any occasion depending on what you match it with.

I worship the black skirt over the little black dress. And in fact, a black skirt can be turned into an LBD with a black blouse. You can do anything with a classy black skirt. Get one.

The Little Black Dress

Still, an essential item to have. It actually doesn’t have to be black though. Just a go-to dress that you look stunning in. Preferably of a fairly neutral color so that it’s acceptable for a variety of occasions. But if you fall in love with something less neutral that you look and feel amazing in, go for it. That’s why you have your black skirt to fall back on.

The Right Length Coat

For fall and winter, you want a coat that is long enough to cover the bottom of your skirts and dresses. You can always hike your skirt up a bit if it’s close to the same length as the coat, but there’s only so much you can do this without having to take your coat off in the bathroom because you have to adjust your outfit that much. Showing skirt below your coat looks messy. So if you’re choosing between a shorter and a longer coat, go with one that’s a bit longer.

A Perfect Fit Bra

This bra has everything to do with what it looks like under clothes, not on its own. What you want is a bra that matches the tone of your skin as closely as possible. And no, if you have alabaster skin, your bra should not be white, there should still be some beige in it. You should be able to wear this bra under most clothing and it won’t stand out because it’ll blend in with the rest of your skin. Don’t match to the clothes you are wearing, match to your skin. And make sure that you like the way your breasts look in it with clothing over top. What looks good on its own, may look ridiculous under clothing, and vice versa.

Smooth, Seamless Panties

Even a thong can leave lines if it’s not seamless. And there are occasions when going commando really isn’t a good option. Some nylons can be worn without panties, but for times when that’s not what you’re wearing, seamless is best.

An All-Occasion Purse

As wonderful as it may be to have a purse for every outfit, this may not be in your budget. It’s good to have a clutch that you can take out with you to special evenings that you don’t want to have anything cumbersome to carry at. But having a medium to large purse that is stylish and goes with everything is right at the top there with a black skirt. You want a purse that fits all your essentials, plus. If you have a long way to trek or are going straight from school to a dinner date you can slip a pair of heels in it and change out of your flip-flops. You can have the book you need to read for class in there and a water bottle. Preferably choose a purse made of genuine leather. It will last longer and look better.

Heels You Can Dance In

These heels should look good with everything. And I mean everything. And you should be able to walk in them. You don’t want to turn down a romantic after-dinner walk with your Sugar Daddy because your feet hurt too much. These heels will probably be black, have a stable heel, and a toe that’s not too narrow.

A Classic Scent

What you want is one good quality scent. One that you don’t wear every day (body spray or something like that works fine for casual days). You want one scent because good quality scents are expensive. Because good quality scents linger and don’t wash off clothing in one wash sometimes. You don’t want to show up smelling like a perfumery with an array of different scents about you and objects like coats and scarfs get washed less often, leaving scents on them longer. Also, this is your trademark. A way to recognize you and identify you. Our scent memory is our strongest scenes of memory.

The Dazzling Sugar Baby You Are

Have you ever seen two people wearing the same thing that look drastically different in it? It doesn’t matter if you have designer clothes if your walk is more like a waddle and your chin is almost hitting your chest because of how slouched you are. Invest in your body, invest in your mind, and you will shine through no matter what you are wearing.