9 Ways to Stand Out on a First Date

By Julia Jones

Sep 18, 2018

When it comes to a first date, it can be nerve-wracking and the last thing you need is to sit there and wonder what to wear. But for some reason, it always seems to happen, eh? However, unless it’s going to be a fancy date a simple outfit is, in my experience, always the best way to go is with something casual. Shorts or a nice pair of jeans with a simple top. And then let the little things be what makes you stand out.

Wide belt

These go great with a cute romper, a dress, a nice blazer, a cute shirt that just doesn’t show off enough of your curves, or some high waisted jeans. And chances are, you already own one. But if you don’t, they can be picked up for pretty cheap and they are a great way to add a little something extra bling to any outfit!

Cute boots

Okay, chances are unless your shoes are adorable, your POT isn’t going to notice your shoes, but I find a good pair of boots always gets noticed. And they are great in case you two decide to go for a walk.

An eye-catching necklace

I mean, your POT is going to be checking out your chest anyway, right? A simple necklace or an extravagant one can both be eye-catching and can pull an outfit altogether if it’s the right one.

A scarf

Either for warmth or for fashion, scarves are cute. And they can really bring an outfit together, or help you keep yourself covered if you picked out an adorable top that sometimes shows a little too much. Get one with a cute pattern and you’ll also be covered if you happen to get a little chilly.

A fun hat

Summer hats or winter hats, either way- they serve more of a purpose than just looking cute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one just to be cute. Rock the snap back.

Color contrast

Instead of focusing on what item you can use to stand out, focus on the color. Wearing a dark outfit? Go with a bright handbag or pair of shoes. Or both. Match your shoes with your handbag.

A statement bag

Sure, your POT might not pay much attention to your bag- but it’s still going to help you pop out, and it will give him a good way to find you. The truth is, most of the stuff on this light, your POT might not normally pay attention to, but when you use the item to stand out, when you add a belt because it ties your outfit together, or when you rock those boots with the right shorts, it all becomes part of the overall look- and I can promise you, your POT is paying attention to your overall look. More than you may realize.

Red lipstick

Because let’s be real here, who doesn’t love red lipstick? And if they don’t, you probably don’t want them in your life anyways. I think for a lot of us ladies, we always feel like red lips are a little extreme and we always put off wearing it- to use the date as an excuse to spice it up and rock the red!

A book

Let your personality shine through with the latest book you’ve been reading. You never know, your POT might have already read it! And that way, in case you’re not sure what to say you can always steer the conversation over to books and have it feel like a natural way to go.