Crazy Celebrity Beauty Treatments

By Bhumika Kateliya

Sep 14, 2018

Celebrities can become well known for some pretty strange reasons. Whether it be licking a sledgehammer in a music video, or wearing a costume made of meat, the world of the rich and famous is home to some pretty wacky things. So of course when it comes to their beauty routines, they’re not exactly what you’d call ‘run of the mill’.

Have you tried any of these beauty tricks? What is the strangest beauty tip you’ve ever come across?

Nichole Kidman: The famous red-headed actress keeps her locks shiny and vibrant by pouring a cup of cranberry juice over her hair after shampooing. Apparently, it helps to enhance color and seal the cuticle.

Halle Berry: The mother of two adds ground coffee to her body wash in the hope that the caffeine and mild exfoliation will help to increase blood flow and banish cellulite.

Kate Hudson: Ever wondered how Kate Hudson gets her skin to look so radiant? The 34-year-old actress likes to dunk her face in an ice bath to revive her glow.

Scarlett Johansson: The winner of Esquire magazines Sexiest Woman Alive uses apple cider vinegar to cleanse her face. She found that apple cider vinegar is really effective. If you have breakouts it can be really healing.

Eva Longoria: Want baby soft skin like the Desperate Housewives star? Eva is a big fan of skin creams containing placenta, which is thought to boost collagen production and moisture levels.

Miranda Kerr: The drop-dead gorgeous supermodel has revealed that she uses lip balm as a shimmery highlighter to enhance her eyes.

Julia Roberts: The 45-year-old keeps her hands looking youthful by using olive oil as a hand soak to soften her skin and improve the condition of her nails and cuticles.

Teri Hatcher: Love a glass of red wine after a long day? Why not try pouring an entire bottle into a bath like Teri Hatcher? She believes the nutrients from the grapes nourish and soften her skin.

Demi Moore: Want to look as good as Demi Moore at age 50? Better pop on some leeches. The actress admitted in 2008 to undertaking ‘leech therapy’ to detoxify her blood and optimize her health.

Gwyneth Paltrow: If you want super sleek and shiny hair like Gwyneth, throw away your hairbrush and pick up a loofah instead. Her hairstylist believes it’s the perfect tool for boosting volume and reducing frizz.

Sandra Bullock:  Desperately want to get rid of your crows feet? Do as Sandra does and use Preparation H to smooth your skin. She says “Putting butt cream under my eyes is one of my best beauty secrets, and stops me from getting lines.”

Zoë Saldana: The 35-year-old actress owes her super shiny hair to mayonnaise. She said “My mother always encouraged my sisters and me to be as natural as possible. “

Some of these treatments are way too crazy for us to try. But we can always get motivated by the commitment and dedication these celebs have towards their beauty.