Dazzle Your Sugar Daddy with Color

By Missy Dee

Feb 08, 2016

Color can have an amazing effect on men, and is an especially powerful tool for Sugar Babies. Harnessing its power is a critical component for enchanting Sugar Daddies off of SeekingArrangement. My best color, a deep but vivid pink that makes my skin look radiant, is in constant rotation, since I’ve found that most men love it and respond positively to it. I also keep a LWD,a little white dress,ready to go at any moment, since white shines against my brown skin. While the little black dress is a staple in any Sugar wardrobe, there are other colors that can make you look pretty, sexy, bubbly, elegant, or whatever adjective you’re trying to embody. Any Baby would benefit from learning how to wield color to her advantage. Dazzle your Sugar Daddy with color! 

The Sugar Baby favorite, black, is sleek, elegant, and effortless. Most Babies look good in black and find that clothing in this shade really impresses the Daddies in their lives. Black clothing can be dressy or casual. Plus, a black dress in the perfect cut is hypnotizing. Red is another classic. Red is the color of love, and most men perceive women wearing red as more attractive. Every woman can find a shade of red that makes her look amazing. Red is pretty, sultry, and unforgettable.

Shades of yellow and orange are uncommon but fantastic choices: these can be sparkly and eye-catching ,like gold or amber,or bright and bubbly, like lemon or tangerine. Green can be warm and earthy, or fresh and perky, depending on whether it has strong blue or yellow tones. Generally speaking, girls with golden complexions look stunning in the yellowish greens, like olive and hunter), while the ladies with cool undertones shine in blu-ish green tones (such as emerald and teal. Speaking of blue tones, the pale, icy blues look ethereal, while deep blues are majestic. There is a lot of versatility with blue, and you may be surprised at how stunning you look in the right shade.

Pink is a beautiful, feminine shade that can disarm most men. Pink makes a man weak! Consider wearing it when having a discussion about allowances or other perks that you want from your Sugar Daddy. A beautiful cousin of pink, purple, takes the heat of red and the coolness of blue, resulting in a shade that can be either elegant or sultry. Add a little white to that purple, and baby soft lavender gives the girly feel of pink but maintains a little edge. White and its variants (cream, eggshell, ecru, ivory and my personal favorite, champagne) look especially high class: wearing these tones from head to toe instantly make you look ready for an expensive night on the town! Not to mention, these light shades give you an innocent, angelic aura, this shade is another good choice to wear during those allowance conversations.

It’s always best to have your personal coloring analyzed by a professional. If you are a Baby on a budget, you can also do an internet search for “color analysis” and see which colors look best against your skin. There are a lot of free online quizzes, charts, and swatches for you to use when determining which colors flatter you. Try finding a celebrity that has skin, eye and hair coloring similar to yours, and see which colors she wears that make her look fantastic. Then seek items in those shades for yourself. You can also go to a fabric shop, and take a truthful friend and/or a mirror with you. Hold bolts of fabrics up to your face, to see which colors are most flattering on you.

There is a whole world of blues, pinks, greens, yellows, purples, reds and more shades that can make you look amazing! Picking the right shade can turn you from sweet little kitten to supreme seductress. Men are extremely visual, use this to your advantage by incorporating the right colors into your wardrobe. By learning and wearing your best colors, you can keep your Daddy completely enthralled with you!