Fall Nail Fashion Guide

By Joey

Nov 16, 2016

“I love pampering myself, so going for a massage or getting a mani-pedi makes me feel instantly better. When my nails are done, I feel so much better – it’s the little things that make me so happy, and you literally feel polished.”
-Jessica Lowndes

We have finally reached my favorite time of the year, fall. Why is this my favorite time of the year, you ask? Fall is the season that allows me to express my personal style the most.

One of the ways I like to express my style is through my nails. There’s nothing like a nice mani/ pedi after a long week in the office.

So ladies, it’s time to get rid of those tickle-me-pinks, mellow yellows, and electric limes.  Here is my fall nail fashion guide.


Metallic: Metallic nail colors have made it’s way onto the runway. Morgan Taylor’s metallic polishes were used on the models at Creatures of the Wind during NYFW A/W 16.

Metallic polish is good for any occasion. Whether it be lunch on the water, or an evening at a 5-star restaurant, a metallic nail color is classy and fun at the same time.

Nars Cosmetics has the perfect metallic polish called “Amarapura,”  retailed for only $20.

Let's Talk Sugar - Fall nail fashion guide
Dark Green: Money isn’t the only green thing that I like. I tend to wear a lot of “earthy” tones during the fall, so shades of green are my go-to colors when it comes to nail polish.

Yves Saint Laurent has a limited edition color called “Fur Green” that I recently have tried and was quite satisfied with. Not only was the shade of green eye catching, but the polish itself lasted me 6 days before it started chipping.

You can purchase this polish online or at Sephora, and it sells for $25-$30.

Let's Talk Sugar- Fall Nail Guide

Looking for something similar at a lower price? OPI has a similar color called “CIA”, which is part of their Washington DC collection. CIA can be purchased at any Beauty store such as Ulta or Sally’s for under $10.

Gray: This color is perfect for the “young , wild, and free” SB. Just a couple month ago, gray would not have been a contender, that was until I tried “Now and Zen” by Essie.

When I say that gray polish goes with anything, I mean it really goes with anything!

Because gray is such a relaxed color, this makes it a good base for nail designs. You can keep it simple, but modern at the same time by adding a little glitter or a rhinestone.

This nail polish can be purchased at a beauty store or department store such as Target for under $10.

Let's Talk Sugar- Fall nail guide


French Tip: I’ve been in the Sugar bowl going on a year a half now, and have come to realize that this a SD fan favorite.A simple french tip, with the right arm accessories, will give you a polished look for the fall.

If you’re looking to take your french tip to the next level, try adding some glitter.

Let's Talk Sugar - Fall Nail guide

Reverse French: If you’re a Sugar Baby that doesn’t like to play by the rules, try a reverse french tip. This has become a popular trend among young women over the past year.

Reverse french tips typically are done using colored polish. I tend to like it better when matte polish is applied.

Let's Talk Sugar- Fall Nail Guide 5

Rhinestones: I know most of us ladies are into the sparkle and shine, so spruce up your fall fashion by adding a bit of bling to your nails.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen what started off as a nice mani turn into a disaster all over rhinestones. Remember, a little goes a long way, so don’t overdo it.

Let's Talk Sugar- Fall Nail guide 2


For a while, I was one of the many people who were sucked into the stiletto nail fad. Those may work for a weekend out with your friends, but NOT for a date with a POT.

You can keep it classy, while still being trendy.

Squoval nails, is a mix between square and oval (hint the name). This nail shape is chic and edgy at the same time. Because of the shape, these type of nails give you the freedom to explore with designs.Let's Talk Sugar- Fall Nail Guide 4 

If I could use only one word to describe oval shaped nails, it would be classic. This is a nail shape that you can’t go wrong with, since it’s more of an “everyday” nail shape.  

With oval shaped nails, I would stick to solid colors, but add a bit of sparkle and shine with some glitter.

Let's Talk Sugar- Fall Nail Guide 3


If you guys have any other tips to keeping your nails up this fall, drop them in the comments below!