Fashion for Every Sugar Occasion

By Aurora

Feb 28, 2018
Pleasing Sugar Daddies is a simple art that can start with your appearance. Men are visual creatures. They love seeing beautiful things including fashionable fresh styles on their Sugar Baby. Therefore, it is paramount we keep our wardrobes up-to-date with this seasons latest fashion pieces. These are tips for fashion for every Sugar occasion.

Formal Occasions 

At a black-tie event you ought to stand out and make a loud statement. You can achieve this by being bold and following Fendi’s catwalk trend. This is wearing fire-truck red. You can wear one red item to have a pop of colour . However, it is more eye-catching to create a head-to-toe look.
A variety of red dresses, coats and boots were shown on the catwalk. There is a lot of freedom when it comes to following this fashion trend. Dressing in a red satin or silk gown and wearing a matching long-line coat to a black tie event would make you appear funky-fresh. Your Sugar Daddy will surely notice and be glad you are confident.

If you are lucky enough to go to a winter wedding and you are unsure what to wear you can try wearing a new style. Wearing a midi dress is still trendy. Adding a faux-fur coat on top will make you look even more well-to-do. Fur coats have made a comeback.  They are no longer considered a piece from a 70s costume. Now they are on trend. Fashionistas have been wearing them on the streets and you should too! They are very warm and comfy while being a fashion piece. They were seen at a Louis Vuitton catwalk for this season.

Semi-formal Occasions 

Donning a chain-mail midi dress and matching silver heeled minimal sandals to a “bougie” restaurant will make you look like a million dollars. This is generally how we Sugar Babies aim to appear. It is perfect for a fancy restaurant. Also, they are generally quite loose. So you are free to over indulge. Your stomach will not show so you will still look cute. Chain-mail was spotted on the Paco Rabanne Autumn/Winter 18 runway. You can get cheap but good quality ones online and high street stores.

If your Sugar Daddy arranges to take you out clubbing you can catch his and the clubbers attention with an eye-grabbing mini cocktail dress that has long sleeves. It would be a great idea to wear it with an equally eye-grabbing pair of in-vogue embellished tights from this seasons Gucci collection. Complete the look with knee high boots. All eyes will be on you as you shimmy away wearing your in season shimmer tights.

Informal Occasions 

Going to the movies is fun but before you step out of your house you can have fun creating your outfit. You can wear your favourite colour puffer jacket and oversized turtle-neck with skinny jeans and a drawstring bag and beret. The items were seen on the Burberry, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang and Christian Dior catwalk respectively. You will be able to be comfy and look relaxed but stylish and ready for the new season with a new look.

If you are asked out by your Sugar Daddy to a date outdoors ensure you look in-style and are warm this season. You can include slouchy boots and a silky bomber jacket in your outfit as they are very popular in the fashion world and on Instagram. The slouchy boots were seen by fashionistas on the Saint Laurent catwalk. You can buy some affordable look-a-likes online.

No matter the occasion, with this guide you can be stylish this season. There are low-end and high-end versions of the pieces you need to be a trend-follower online and in stores so everyone can be a fashionista. Why don’t you try out some looks for your Sugar Daddy (and yourself)?