Favorite Beauty Vloggers

By Colette

Nov 03, 2016

A couple months ago, I decided to get serious about improving my makeup skills. I decided to check out YouTube for some quick and easy tutorials.  As I got sucked into the site’s seemingly endless supply of videos, I found myself going back to certain vloggers again and again, and wanted to share some of them here.

This list is by no means comprehensive—these are simply some of the YouTubers that I admire for their expertise and passion.  I also love them because they really nail the “made up” look without going into “contoured clown” territory. But, at the end of the day when you’re getting ready for a date, it’s good to keep in mind that many men actually prefer natural-looking makeup (or none at all).

I’m here to share some of my favorite beauty vloggers!


I don’t think it’s possible to talk about the beauty space on YouTube without talking about Michelle Phan: The OG of Beauty YouTubers. Her videos are not like some of the other, as she comes off as real and genuine.

Michelle is one of the co-founders of Ipsy, (beauty box subscription service) and launched her own line  “Em Cosmetics” back in 2013. She is also a published author of ‘Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success–Online and Off’, a beauty style guide.


Chloe Morello is an Australian YouTuber with almost 2 million subscribers.  I just love her sense of humor and overall personality; she has fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously.  

She posts a lot of tutorials and some travel vlogs, and has been killing it with the brand partnership lately.

She recently partnered with Ciaté on an eyeshadow palette, and worked with Revlon on a contour palette currently launching in Australia.  


Claire Marshall is an Los Angeles based makeup artist and YouTuber with almost 900,000 subscribers.  Her style is very edgy-chic, which I love.  

The videos she posts are similar to other beauty YouTubers, but there’s always a fun, added twist; her editing skills are second to none.  

My personal favorites from her are “Favorite Lipsticks (Va Va Voom)” and “Dear 2015”.  Also, I totally added the Cancun Ritz-Carlton to my bucket list after she posted a travel vlog about her trip in September.  Enjoy!


Marlena Stell was a high school music teacher with a passion for makeup when she started her YouTube channel about eight years ago.  Since then, she’s grown her channel to almost 1.4 million subscribers and has an amazing cosmetics line called “Makeup Geek”.

Despite being the CEO of the company, she still finds time to upload videos to her YouTube channel every week.  Her videos range from product reviews, to her “Pretty Smart” series about the science behind makeup, to good ol’ makeup tutorials.  I love her channel because she keeps it real—her product reviews are very honest and funny!


Tati Westbrook , also known as “GlamLifeGuru”, is an LA-based YouTuber whose channel boasts almost 2.3 million subscribers. I go to her channel to keep up to date with the latest product launches—most of her videos are reviews and she does a great job of being honest, transparent and consistent.  

She posts a new video every weekday and reviews everything from drugstore launches to crazy-expensive products.  In addition to her channel, she often appears on “Style Code Live” with Amazon, and is currently partnering with Tedx on a charitable makeup drive.  

Enjoy and happy Sugaring!