First Date Fashion

By Keillen

Oct 11, 2016

You’ve messaged, texted, talked and now it’s time for the first date! There are a lot of variables in play on a first meeting that might make you a bit nervous, but your outfit should not be one of them. You got this! The following pointers will help you to put your best sexy self forward with first date fashion confidence!

First dates run the spectrum of activities – from an evening of fine dining to a casual afternoon at a brewery, to a day sailing the bay. Regardless of the activity, it is vital to make a positive first impression. Dressing your best will help you make a positive visual impression he won’t soon forget!

Evening Dinner Date

One automatically thinks of the LBD but don’t discount the tried and true. The little black dress is a wardrobe essential for a reason. For an evening of fine dining make sure you’re dressed on par with the other patrons of the restaurant. If you’re not familiar with the restaurant, Google it, review their website, photo gallery, yelp reviews, etc. This will help you gauge how formal or relaxed the ambiance is. Adjust your clothing selection to suit the atmosphere of the restaurant. Error on the conservative – or shall I say – timeless and sophisticated – side for your attire. Save the 5” heels for another time. Think classy, sophisticated, timeless sex appeal.

Lunch or Evening Semi-Casual

For a more casual evening, you have more leeway in choosing your wardrobe. Maybe opt for some color or pattern; go bolder with jewelry; maybe a selection that’s a bit more on trend. It is still important to present yourself as put together, with class and sex appeal. So always opt for something that enhances your figure without sharing all with the world. You can always say you’re going somewhere nicer later if you end up being too dressed up.

Weekend or Day trip to a Vineyard or Brewery

Think sophisticated, casual elegance. Medium heels, jeans that make him catch his breath are perfect. Pair with form fitting, deep-v top, layered with knee length light cardigan or lush pashmina wrapped around you, and a simple gold necklace that lands right at the magic spot that captures his eyes and mind. You get the idea. Keep it casual, sophisticated and alluring and a wonderful impression you will make!

Whether your first date is for sips and apps, a fancy dinner, ball game – you name it – choose something that you love yourself in. Dress to impress but make sure you’re comfortable at the event. No heels at ball games, and no cleavage at a company event.

This confidence will radiate from you and everyone around will see a woman who is both sexy and confident – two things men absolutely love! Keep the above guidelines in mind when prepping your first date wardrobe selections. Remember to go with subtle sexiness, and bring that Sugar Baby self-love and you’re sure to keep him asking for more.