Holiday Event Style Guide

By Fallon

Dec 16, 2016

The holiday season is upon us, and our calendars are filling up fast with holiday trips, parties, and events! So, how is a Sugar Baby to know how to dress for her busy party schedule with her Sugar Daddy? Your SD probably has more than one type of event to attend. Follow these timeless style guidelines for the various types of events you’re attending. You’ll dress to impress with stunning confidence and beauty, and make your Sugar Daddy proud to have you with him.

A Business Casual Event

Chances are your SD doesn’t wear jeans and a polo to work, so a holiday business casual event most likely doesn’t mean skinny jeans, ankle boots, loose sweater and scarf. The word ‘casual’ is not a synonym for ‘relaxed weekend wear.’ Nor is it a time to don your sleeveless LBD and stilettos.

You’re essentially representing him as his guest in his business environment.  It’s a good idea to follow the guideline of less is more in terms of how revealing your attire is. While a cocktail length dress is appropriate, consider one–or any outfit–that covers your shoulders and choose stylish, fun shoes and accessories to accent your dress.

You can enjoy a fun, yet sophisticated or edgy selection at this type of event. Always keep in mind the industry and mindset of the attendees at the event. If you’re attending a conservative law office evening event, tone it down. An architectural or designer firm’s event allows you more latitude with your creativity. Just remember, it’s not the time for cleavage and stilettos.

Cocktail Hour/Cocktail Dress Code

Let’s get to this dress code by working backwards. It’s definitely not the time for a ball gown, or floor length evening dress. Nor is it the time for jeans and Uggs. Also, it is not a requirement to pair your outfit with high heels. So, think sexy, fun evening appropriate options, with or without heels. This is your chance to choose those killer boots with that slammin’ dress. Now is the time to coordinate with some statement jewelry, step out and enjoy yourself!

Semi-Formal Attire

We’re now entering the realms of upping the sophistication quotient with classic lines and timeless accessories. Channel your inner Holly Golightly, or even your inner Chanel. These events are most suited for sophisticated, elegant, timeless options like your LBD or Roland Mouret – French sophistication with a bit of an edge (personally one of my favorite designers). If you need to amp up your LBD or separates, think of adding some edge with a statement clutch, or jewels. As for heels–go with sophisticated sex appeal that enhances the vibe of your ensemble.

Black Tie Optional

What the host is conveying with this dress code is that it will be a formal event but the host would like their guests to dress elegantly, yet a bit of a more relaxed than a traditional Black Tie event. Translation: think of that dress that’s a bit more glam than cocktail level or semi-formal level. It can be short, long or even a pair of separates. Your selection here should evoke classic sex appeal, but feel free to play with color and design when thinking of your options for Black Tie optional. This sounds tricky, but go with the highest quality you have in your wardrobe or can go buy and then add in the variable of fun (i.e. color and design) and personal sense of style and comfort (leggy or no legs showing; deep V-neck vs. minimal exposure). High heels finish off a gorgeous Black Tie optional selection.

Formal or Black Tie

This is probably the easiest dress code to plan for. Your man will be in the requisite tuxedo and you will be next to him wearing glamor, glamor, glamor. When I say glamor, think of your favorite vintage movie starlet or current fashion icon and imagine what they would select for a red carpet event or high end charity event. The main variables are that whatever your selection is, it must fit you impeccably and ooze quality. This, by no means, translates to boring and predictable.

The gamut can range from formal ball gown to luxurious sheath dress. Just remember fit and quality. Choose jewelry, shoes, and a clutch that enhance your attire, not pieces that detract from your glamor and elegance.  Personally, this is my favorite dress code, because I love to dress to the nines and wear pieces of quality and elegance. I find that there are many choices for this dress code, with plenty of options when shopping.

That brings us to some simple backup resources to keep in mind if you get stumped with what selection to make. If your Sugar Daddy is footing the bill for your ensemble, make a personal sales appointment. These can easily be booked at the higher end department stores: Neiman’s, Saks, etc. Your stylist will help you select the most appropriate and stunning items for your holiday event schedule.

Now, if you’re not able to book with a personal stylist, using the above guidelines, go with the tried and true method… emulate your favorite celebrity and use them as your style muse.

Whatever path you choose to select your holiday event wardrobe, by keeping in mind the above style dress code guidelines, you will feel comfortable and look gorgeous every minute from the champagne toast to well into the night. ’Tis the season – enjoy it!