How to be Fashionable & Stylish

By BikiniBody

May 04, 2019
Heads turn when a beautiful, fashionable and stylish woman walks by. Both men and women turn to watch her walk by. If you are wanting to be one of these women, or if you are already one of these women and just want to read my tips to see if there is something new that you can learn, keep reading.
When I was younger, I used to think that in order to be fashionable, I had to spend TONS of money on the latest trends. Much of my income went to purchasing designer items every season. The consumerism of never-ending purchasing, every season, several times per year meant a considerable investment in my part. For a few years of my life, I worked just to be able to purchase all of the fashionable items that I wanted to wear.
As I matured, I have come to understand that “fashion” is not about buying endless merchandise every season. While the dictionary defines the word ‘fashion’ as a popular trend or fad, fashion also means “style/PERSONAL style.” More on style in a bit, let me go back to fashion and the common definition. By the standard that I now live by, even if I chose to wear something from the 1920s, or from last season in 2018, with the right accessories, makeup, and hair, I can still look “fashionable”.
Falling into the black hole of consumerism is a dangerous pitfall. I confess to falling into it myself during my 20s. Over the years I’ve learned that being fashionable has more to do with ME, MY personality, MY makeup, and MY hairstyle, than the actual clothing label on my shoes, purses or tags inside my clothing.
If you are currently living life, as I used to, throwing away all of your hard earned money into your closest, thinking that this is the only way to be fashionable, this article will surely help you.
Fashion is not about buying the most expensive clothing. I will give you an example. Have you ever had a girlfriend or knew of someone who had unlimited money, unlimited shopping access and they still did not look fashionable? Have you ever ran across women out in public who have expensive labels all over their clothing, their purses, their shoes, and they just look tacky?
You see, fashion is not about buying the most expensive items and them wearing them all at once. Fashion is simply staying within the colors of the season and the fads that are hot at the moment. (FYI: 2019’s Pantone color is LIVING CORAL.)
Guess what? Much of this can be achieved with changing your makeup colors, makeup application, and your hairstyle! Being broke all of the time because all of your money goes to expensive clothing, shoes, and accessories, is sure to get old at some point. I know that it did for me.
After some life events changed my income, I was forced to look for ways to maintain my sense of fashion with my new level of income. This article teaches you how to do that.

TIP #1: Research the trends

If you read this and say, I don’t have time to be researching trends, I will answer you, but you do. Whenever you see a movie star on TV or watch your favorite online celebrities on the internet, or when you browse thru a fashion magazine, you are already doing the research that you need for that season! 
Researching the trends doesn’t require you to spend 40 hours per week. All I suggest is that you change your focus, from “she’s wearing that. I want to buy that.” Change your perspective when you look at images and video of fashionable celebrities. Instead of looking for ways to drive yourself bankrupt, figuring out ways to afford a specific brand or designer high priced shoes, take note of the color, cut and how it is paired.
Take note of the way that the model or the celebrity pairs the expensive items and then go bargain shopping to recreate your favorite looks. By pairing I mean, look at what type of earrings go with what type of hairstyle. Do you know what type of cuts flatters your figure best? Or, how to properly mix and match colors, belts, purses, shoes, and accessories with different outfits?

TIP #2: Learn to LOOK expensive

The more that you practice these tips, the easier it will be when you go shopping. When you learn to find a very nice looking, well-made pair of heels in a brand that is less expensive than a designer brand, you will be hooked. I promise! Top, international designers post their designs every season on their personal website. The fashion shows then promote the designers. Fashion magazines then print the celebrities in these fashions.
All you have to do is learn to check in every season with your favorite designers or with your favorite fashion shows and take notes. Armed with your fashion notes, then go shopping! You will be able to spot a very nice looking imitation piece at over 90% off, just because it doesn’t have the label on it. Many times, people can’t even tell the difference.
To be clear, I am not talking about illegal knock offs. I am talking about reputable brands that just change a small detail to the higher end brands. For example, a specific style of Dolce boots may be the rage right now. Simply go to a large chain store and look for a VERY SIMILAR pair of boots. The brand will not be the same, but what you are after is the LOOK and not the price tag.

#3: Look for ways to ‘recycle’ some older, but nicer pieces

This fashion tip is very important! As you begin changing your shopping habits, you will realize that buying super trendy cuts in clothing or super trendy colors will not cross over seasons. The point is to continue to purchase a few high-end pieces, that will cross over to other seasons and other years. When you learn to purchase high-end pieces that are neutral, and flattering to your body type, you can then find ways to keep using these same pieces year round, year after year!

#4: Learn to be a wise consumer

If you are on the fashion treadmill, you will never be able to get off the high spending habits. Let me tell you that investing $10,000 cash in a secured investment, will yield you much more happiness than going and buying a Hermes Birkin. Learn to be wiser with your purchases by looking for a non-designer brand that has a similar look, if the look is what you like.
Investing your hard earned money is much more important long term than showing off a $15,000 handbag that will become damaged with every use. Be smart with your money.

#5: Age appropriate 

Every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY when I am out in public, I see women who wear clothing that is wrong for their age. I have seen 40+-year-old women wearing a unicorn headband. No joke! I have also seen young, barely teenagers, wearing excessively revealing clothing with plasters of makeup. These are examples and are not meant as judgmental comments.
Point being, dressing age appropriate allows you to be fashionable while still looking classy and put together; if classy is the look you’re going for, that is. You know very well when picking out certain pieces whether or not they are “age appropriate” for you. Being fashionable is about showcasing your personality, it is not about trying to clinch to long past youth nor is it a poor attempt at looking older. Aging gracefully is an art. Be gracious.
Equally to my younger readers, you’re only young once. Look at the older women trying to look young. Enjoy your youth. Time will catch up to you. Do not make the mistake to dress “older” when you’re young and then try to dress “too young” when you’re older. We can all enjoy our fashions throughout our lives, during our respective decade.

#6: YOUR style is unique to YOU

When I was younger, I wanted to wear everything that my favorite celebrity wore. Back then I did not understand that my favorite celebrity wore those colors because they flatter her skin tone, her hair color, her eye color and were in style that season.
As I matured, I began to understand that fashion is more ‘unique’. For me, fashion translated to my personal style.
I then went thru my designer phase thinking this was how I would find my style. As time passed and life changed, I understood that neither the brand nor my favorite celebrity should ever influence my unique fashion style.
Instead, over the years I have dedicated myself to figuring out what my color palette is, what my most flattering cuts are for my body type, what my most flattering shirt-neck-cuts are, what are my most flattering style of shoes for my specific feet (I wear a size 5,5.5 and have “Roman” looking toes), what my most flattering type of jewelry is, what the most flattering type of hair cut and hair color is for me, what are the most flattering looks for someone as petite as I am, with my Hispanic features and skin tone.

#7: You are your most interesting research subject

Take the time to go SHOPPING! Go shopping as much as you can, and try on as many outfits as you can. You immediately will feel great in an outfit or will attempt to “make it work.” My experience will tell you to please, do not try to make any “LOOK, work for you.” If you feel great in an outfit, chances are, it looks great.
When you are desperately trying to make a fad “work with your body type” or try to “make certain colors work with your make up routine”, chances are those colors are NOT favorable for your skin tone and the cuts of those other outfits are not flattering to your figure.
When we enjoy celebrity outfits, chances are, some of those celebrities have some similarities to your skin tone, eye color or body shape. If you find celebrities who match your body and skin tone, then make sure to monitor those celebrities well. That is your road map for your style, while you’re researching yourself, looking for your style.

#8: Fashion Faux Pas

These are stepping stones into our fashion Goddess lifestyle. You will make them because everyone makes them. Do not be so worried about avoiding a Fashion Faux Pas, that you avoid taking fashion risks. Fashion is a wonderfully fun way to express your personality.
Sticking to celebrities and designers, without really getting yourself into ‘odd’ styles is just not fun, well, at least it is not for me. I love taking fashion risks by mixing textures, colors, and styles. I love taking risks and having some stranger compliment my unique style.
Be brave. Be bold. Be sure to experiment with your fashion in a fun way!

#9: Social Media

Whether Instagram (@elizabethsite), Pinterest (@elizabethsite), personal blogs, YouTube channels, whatever your favorite social media platform is, make sure to get on these apps to research what all of us are doing. This way you can get ideas for yourself!

#10: My Unique Fashion 

I love to wear giant, oversized hats in the summer. I love to wear dangling earrings. I love to wear high heels with my shorts. I love to wear silk scarfs with jeans. I love to wear my natural nails without nail polish. I love to have my face makeup-free, except for my eyebrows, eyelashes, eye shadow and lipstick. I avoid all labels that are monogrammed. (They better pay me if I am going to be a billboard for them.)
You can be fashionable on a budget. You do, however, need to invest time into figuring out what your body type is, what your most flattering color palette is and how to pair different types of accessories. Fashion is how you express your personality. Your unique personality deserves your unique style and not a copy of someone else’s.