How to Use Hair Extensions for Volume

By Cathy J.

Oct 30, 2018

Whenever we talk about women’s hair, we often consider extending the hair to match the desired length. Scanty hair in the woman’s head cause gaps that may expose the head and compromise the beauty of a lady and make them uncomfortable when they are with friends or in public. Hair researchers have not been sleeping all that time you thought there was no solution to your situation and they have provided a complementary solution to your hair loss that allows you to have your normal hair volume using sew-in human hair extensions. This solution works fine for most women and enables your medication to play its role in restoring your lost hair.

What causes human hair loss?

It is so disturbing when you start losing your hair and get your bare head exposed. This situation limits you of the freedom to walk around without your brimless cap on but have you ever asked yourself what causes your hair to start falling off? This question is not an easy one to answer, but whenever you report it to a doctor, there are possible cases he or she will confirm that matches your situation. The major causes of human hair loss are stress, pregnancy, weight loss, insufficient protein and vitamin B, antineoplastic drugs, and hair care products.

Curbing Hair Loss

Of course, finding a treatment for your worst nightmare will cause many to heave a sigh of relief. Hair loss is no longer a big deal because research has uncovered several strategies that could be implemented to stop hair loss and restore your hair to its original form. This process starts with a study of your blood sample, pull test, scalp biopsy or microscopy by a doctor to determine possible disorders. He or she will then prescribe the Minoxidil and Finasteride which are over-the-counter drugs, Viviscal supplements for protein and vitamins or laser therapy.

Good care practices for healthy hair

Not all cases of hair loss are hereditary as we saw above. Sometimes our habits are the major causes of our hair losses and changing them may be useful for maintaining the volume of our hair. These bad habits include styling using harmful chemicals, pulling out hair due to stress, bad eating habits that exclude a balanced diet and other related activities. To maintain your hair volume, it is good that you keep your hair clean always, eat a balanced diet inclusive of proteins and vitamins, avoid holding your hair when dealing with stress and consult your doctor always.

Using hair extension for Volume

When under the prescribed medication, you can adopt the UNice hair weave to cover your head as the hair respond to treatment. Weaves and hair extensions are the most commonly used methods for maintaining your hair volume across the globe because they are easy to transform form. Most of the designs do not contain hair weakening chemicals such as those in relaxers or dyes because they are factory made and so are dyed with the color they sell with. Hair extensions do not damage your natural hair because they are sewn to braided hair as weaves.

Step-by-step procedure of adding volume to your hair

The process we are going to explore is a general method that has been used for some of the hair brands and has proven to work well, but may apply to brands as well. This method omits length and focuses more on the volume. It follows this systematic flow:

Choose your right hair color

Do you want your hair to be ombre, dark or blonde? You know what you like, but if by any means you need to help to find your match you may consider the virgin hair bundles and closure. It is advisable that you chose factory dyed hair to avoid effects of dyeing chemicals that cause hair losses as we discussed earlier. Having the right color that resembles your hair creates a nice complement to your hair by filling in the gaps left by hair loss since they are not easy to notice. This process ensures that you do not see color clash and end up ruining the perfect style.

Having the right length

When making your hair extensions, it is good practice that you maintain the right height as that of your natural hair. Having purchased your hair strands, then you can pull one of your hair to use in comparing with the extension hair when trimming the hair to the right height. You can then straighten the hair together with your pulled hair and cut it with a pair of scissors to the maximum height of your original hair. For cases where the purchased hair is shorter than the natural hair, then it is okay to attach the hair directly to aid in attaining the required volume.

Sewing and styling your hair

With the corrected length of your hair, you can then sew the hair to your head using traditional braiding or just needle and thread as is the case in brainless weaving. Through these techniques, your hair extensions are added to the natural hair making a better hair volume. You can then feather the ends of the attached hair to make it look natural by removing the regular lines formed from the first trimming which was done to obtain the right height. Now that you have your hair volume right, then all you need is to comb the hair to intertwine with the natural hair.

Transformation to other styles

Hair extensions are simple to transform from because of their simple braiding style. The conversion may not only involve changing your hairstyle but also trimming the hair to a new form. Styling gives a lady new looks and enhances her beauty since it replaces the aging style with a new one without changing the hair. This type of hair transformation is cost-effective in that you do not necessarily have to buy new hair. Your natural hair will be grown anyway when the hair extensions are too old to change off.