How to Look Amazing for Your Date

By BronzedSugarUK

Oct 09, 2015

When it comes to looking the part for a first date, you need to look like you haven’t spent all evening getting ready and look irresistible simultaneously. In other words, you want to be the embodiment of “a woman who looks like she spent hours picking out her outfit, then forgot she had it on.” Classy, confident and carefree should be your motto.

When going on a date, aim to be the classiest, sexiest version of yourself. However, this doesn’t mean it’s the right time to be trying completely new things. If you have never worn bordeaux lipstick before, this is certainly not the time to be testing the waters. I will add that while the right rouge lipstick combined with the correct outfit can be very sexy and sophisticated, do take into mind that it’s not the best option if you plan on smooching your Sugar Daddy in public, especially if he’s married!!

Wear Heels

High heels add sophistication and elegance to any outfit. When it comes to the type of heel and height, everyone is different. If you are new to heels I would suggest starting with kitten heels, and working your way up the height spectrum. If your balance isn’t that of an acrobat, take a look at wedged or chunky heels. Be warned, chunky heels can ruin an outfit if not styled correctly.

If you are you more of a fashionista and can glide in stilettos, then experiment with patterns, textures and shapes. A tennis shoe is a classic go to, yet you can spice things up simply by opting for a bold colour that contrasts your outfit. Think colour blocking. When wearing an all white outfit, let your shoes add a pop of colour. Better yet, pick a bag/clutch in a matching colour.

Avoid wearing sky-high heels if you cannot walk in them. The last thing you want is for your date to take you for a walk, only to find yourself grimacing in pain with every step. Not only is this unnecessary discomfort, but you will achieve the exact opposite of what you intended. You’ll look ungraceful, and like you are trying too hard!

Select Fitting Pieces

I’m not saying that you should be in tight clothing from head to toe, but part of accentuating an asset is outlining its form. If you are wearing a loose fitted blouse, then opt for skinny trousers or a pencil skirt below. If you’ve decided to embrace the emerging 70’s trend and opt for wide leg trousers, your top should be fitted.

On the flip side, be wary of extremely tight dresses, i.e, wearing a bandage dress to a 10 course taster menu is not the most suitable. Unless you want to end up sampling the samples, give yourself some room to enjoy your treat and wear a dress with an empire waist that flares out. Peplum dresses or skirts are perfect for this occasion.


It might sound like a bit much for a date, but it’s easier than you think. Here are just a couple of simple ways to be better prepared for your dates. Select your outfit the day prior to your date, this not only saves you from shuffling through abundant options the morning of, but also allows you to plan what accessories you will style it with. Never again shall you pick out an outfit only to realize you have no shoes to match!

Have a Plan B

This is something I learned from my mother. The evening before an event she would ask to see what I wanted to wear, and then ask to see what I would wear if something were to go wrong. As a young girl this did not make any sense to me, but now I’ve realized why this little pearl of wisdom is so great.

Many times I’ve been in a rush for a date or a meeting and I’ve looked in the mirror only to find I’ve stained my shirt or dress with makeup in the rush. Or I’ve been about to leave when something malfunctions, a button pops off, the zipper gets stuck, or I simply change my mind, and then I’d have to come up with a whole new outfit on the spot. My mood is ruined, and I’m also late … not in the fashionable sense. Many times having a plan B saved me from stress. If you are lucky and never have to opt for plan B, then you’ve always got an outfit ready to go for your next date!

There is one thing that adds attraction, sex appeal, class and sophistication to any outfit: confidence! Whatever your style, embrace it, keep in mind the beautiful woman you are and you’ll leave him wanting more.