Makeup for Brown Sugar Babies

By Aurora

Apr 17, 2018

Us women love changing our beauty looks. One day we have pretty pink eyeshadow the next we have gothic black lipstick but it is paramount that for our profile pictures on SeekingArrangement that we stick to one look. Doing so ensures we show our personality instead of a visual representation of multiple personality disorder. This guide has a list of some of the most popular styles for Brown Sugar Babies so you can pick your favorite and display it on your profile.

No Ordinary Look

Sade’s iconic look, the bold red lip was popular in the late 80s and early 90s but the look has been around since Ancient Egyptian times. They used a red dye mixed with sheep sweat and crocodile excrement but in modern times there are a variety of sanitary options these include lipsticks, lip stains, and lip powders.

To achieve this look, you will need dewy skin. If you have healthy skin you can apply a sheen/moisturizing primer or oily cream. If you have skin that you want to cover up you can use a sheen medium-coverage foundation. Next, apply a neutral eyeshadow to your upper eyelid. Finally, glide on your favorite shade of a bright red lip product.

A bold image will send out a message to potential Sugar Daddies that you are confident and interesting. You can adopt this look for any special occasion. For example a swanky date. If your first date does not work out you will surely attract the eye of another potential.

Bronzed Beauty

The bronzed look is one where a bronze color product is applied to certain areas of the face. It became popular in the early 20th century thanks to Coco Chanel, herself. In the 90s bronze, brown and goldish lip colors were popular among black women.

You can recreate the look by applying bronzer to the corners of your forehead and blending well and apply it just under your cheeks and chin. You can go one step further and apply a shimmery bronze lipstick to your lips.

If this is the style you choose and you upload it to your profile you should stand out like a shimmering precious metal in soil. This is a pro. You will want to catch the eye of many potential Sugar Daddies. You can wear this look in the summer to a BBQ or on holiday. Perhaps, you can take pictures of yourself at the BBQ so the natural light can contrast with the bronzer on your face and make you look divine.

Glow like the Sun

This style is similar to bronzing but the goal is to brighten some areas of your face not darken it. Highlighting and strobing involve using products on your cheeks; the center of your forehead, nose, and chin to achieve a the-sun-is-on-me look. It was popular among drag queens for decades but it became mainstream circa 2012.

To glow like the sun, apply a highlighting or strobing product to your cheeks, forehead, the center of your nose and the center of your chin. To take it to the next level and “shine bright like a diamond”, you can put oil on the areas you want to highlight or strobe before applying the product. You can also apply a shade of gold to your eyelids.

This look should make you appear polished and trendy. If you want to let potentials know you like following fashion then you should definitely upload an image of yourself with this form of makeup on. You don’t have to wash your face when you are finished taking your pictures. You can go straight to a bar in the summer with friends.

Smokey Eye

The look is another ancient one. It originated in Ancient Egypt but was brought back in the 2000s. It is still popular and it gives its wearers allure and mystique.

All you have to remember when trying out this technique is to blend, blend and blend! You need to apply an oily eye-liner or eyeshadow color to your eyelid then you blend upwards with a round and soft eyeshadow brush. Shades of brown, gold and blue look amazing on black skin tones.

You should appear sultry and mysterious if you adopt this style of applying eyeshadow. Therefore, you should make Sugar Daddies who see a picture of you with that kind of makeup think that you are intriguing. This may cause them to want to know more about you and message you. You might even get an invite as soon as you upload the picture to a formal event.

There are many looks you can try. Each one will send out a different message about you. It will also attract a different kind of Sugar Daddy. Hopefully, this guide has helped you decide which one is best for you.