Mina Cigar’s Essentials For a Weekend with Daddy

By Mina Cigar

Apr 25, 2017

Preparing for a sleepover with your Sugar Daddy? Being prepared with the right tools and comfort items is essential in creating a successful overnight experience. I highly recommended you create your own checklist of items to refer to while preparing your bag. This will truly save you the frustration of staying overnight and finding yourself missing something you need.

Here is my very own personal list of tried and true items for creating the mood, staying safe and keeping you comfortable from dusk until dawn.

Weekend Essentials With Daddy

When sleeping over with you Sugar Daddy, it is best to have an idea on how the night will go. This depends a lot on the space. If you are in his home it is likely he will already have an overnight itinerary in mind. If in a hotel room (4 star plus of course!), it is a more generic space and this is where your Mood and Staging items will really come into play.

With these simple additions, setting the tone of the evening is easy and will help you both ease into the time and space together. 
Note: I also take these items along for first overnights in a Sugar Daddy’s home, just in case.



I love this because you can create different atmospheres and moods with different music and then ease into the romatic time together. I also time my “massage music” playlist to go for just an hour. 

Portable Speaker

My personnal favorite – JBL FLIP w/bluetooth. – It easily connects to any phone or bluetooth MP3 player
(be sure it is charged!)


Hors D’oerves


Champagne (Better than a bottle of wine because no wine bottle opener required)

*Do not forget the appropriate stem wear (yes, I bring my own champagne glasses)

Berries- raspberries are my favorite to put a few into the champage glass before pouring

Chocolate – Lindt – This brand is constantly delicious with a wide arrange of interesting flavor combinations.



4 white non-scented candles – Even the tiniest of spaces can be transformed into a romantic room with candles

Matches (never a lighter because there is nothing sexy about a lighter. Lighting a match in a seductive manner however,,,)

BedSide Kit 
I personally carry all of these things in a small black box that I place on the night stand before the evening begins. I have found this practice works best so I am not fumbling around in my bag in a candle lit room to find needed in items in crucial moments. Remember, mood mood mood.

Sliquid H20 water based lubricant – this is my preferred brand of water based lubricant that work well with condoms.

LifeStyle Skyn Non-latex condoms – rated number 1 out of 50 condoms tested for comfort and effectiveness.

Hair Ties 

Massage Oil – I mix my own with a combinations of Neutrogena Un-scented sesame oil, grapeseed oil and fragrances.

Hand Towel 


Similar to my bedside kit, I have a bathroom kit that I put in the bathroom before the evening begins. It is nice to be able to excuse yourself and go into the sanctuary that a closed bathroom door provides to have a few minutes to yourself with all the items your need to “freshen up” readily available. 

Sliquid Femenine Wash-this is wonderful product to gently washing away lubricant from down-under
in turn preventing UTI infections. 
Toothbrushes – your own plus one extra for him just in case (because morning breath is the WORST!)
Makeup remover wipes and wash 
Moisturizer – Face and Body

Lights Out

Comfy cotton panties, silk shirt or loose silky nightgown.

(don’t forget these unless you want to sleep in uncomfortable sexy wear or naked)
Note: I also place these in the bathroom ahead of time usually hanging them on the back of the door.


Morning Wear

In preparing for your night together, don’t forget about your next day needs! In my opinion this is a wonderful way for your Sugar Daddy to see you transition from “dressed to impress” the night before to a “daytime beauty” the next morning. 

Comfy clothes – dressed down a little. Jeans, tank, bra etc.
Makeup bag
Body splash or perfume.

Sugar Baby vs. Spenda Baby & a Note on Etiquette
Remember that a thank you goes a long way so bring along a little note paper to write a short note of appreciation. 
Be aware of discretion in doing this though and use good judgment especially if there is a chance that someone unintended may find it. 

Additionally, the rule of nature etiquette of “pack in pack out, leave no trace” is good common practice to use in any space that is not your own. In a hotel room dry cleaning bag or other plastic bag clean up all items, used and otherwise, that you brought with you and dispose of them later. This will be greatly appreciated by your Sugar Daddy and show that you are a thoughtful and respectful Sugar Babe. Part ways with a kiss, dawn your sunglasses and greet the day as your confident sugar self.