My Experience With Face Shaving

By Joey

Nov 30, 2016

While getting on YouTube to watch one simple hair tutorial, hours later I came across a video by a Florida Esthetician calledHow to Shave Your Face”, also known in the beauty world as “dermaplaning”.

The first thing I thought to myself was. “What in the world?,” “Has this been a ‘thing’ for a while, and “Why didn’t the ladies in my life teach me about this beauty secret?” I’m here to tell you about my experience with face shaving.

Hard to believe, but I didn’t dabble into the world of hair removal until I was 19. That was the first time I had my eyebrows done…ever. A few years later, my sister introduced me the art of the Brazilian wax. Ever since, my motto has been “the less hair the better.”

Obviously, before doing something drastic as to putting a sharp object on your money maker, you want to do your research first. Before I try any new products, skin care regimens, diets, etc., I do my background research. After the research, I then decide if I want to make myself a human guinea pig and try it out.

I, of course, consulted with my handy-dandy advisor, google. The first thing that popped up was an article from Cosmopolitan called “ What Every Woman Needs to Know Before Shaving Her Face”.


One of the reasons I was tempted to try this out is because I recently became fascinated with skincare. One of the benefits to this type of shave is that it not only exfoliates, leaving your skin soft, but also it helps to enhance and brighten up your complexion.

After shaving my face, it felt never better! It felt as if my face could breath again. I even noticed after my second time shaving that some blackheads that were on my nose were removed, which I was super stoked about.

Makeup Hack

Shaving your face allows makeup to set better. Because all your dead skin cells are removed, the skin is evened out, allowing for a smooth, even surface to work with, in my opinion. Also, makeup penetrates deeper into your skin, causing the pigment to show up even better.

YouTuber SandrathBeauty noticed the clear difference with the way her makeup looked after shaving her face. Karima McKimmie also said that the first time she had shaved her face it was “The best foundation day ever!”

My Thoughts

I’m all for dermaplaning aka face shaving. It has slowly made its way into my weekly skincare routine over the few weeks. I would recommend this at least a couple times during the month to help keep your money maker looking fresh and flawless

If you haven’t tried shaving your face, would you? If you have any other skincare tips, drop them in the comments below, or spark up some convo in the forums.