Perfect Lingerie For Your Body Type

By Kaye

Apr 09, 2016

Understanding your body type and knowing how to accentuate your best assets is a must when it comes to exuding confidence – especially when it comes to lingerie! Below you’ll find a quick list of the perfect lingerie for your body type.


With smaller chests and larger hips, women with pear-shaped figures can fill out any skirt or jeans! A sexy push-up, paired with a garter belt (to slim your waist) and thong will have him dreaming about you for months to come.


Don’t shy away from putting your girls on display! You’re probably no stranger to a killer pushup or plunging necklines, but try experimenting with something a little more risque. A leather one piece with a front zipper will highlight your bust size, while adding the illusion of smaller waist and longer torso. This catwoman-esue getup will bring him to his knees.  


So you’ve got a little extra up top and some in your hips? You go girl! We’ll want to highlight your chest and butt but also add some softness to your overall frame. A print or lace Babydoll or Chemises will do wonders, as well as kimonos and slips. You’ve got fat in all the right places, so flaunt it!


You’ve been blessed with(or worked hard for!) a perfectly proportionate frame and have bounce in all the right places. Since typical bra and panty sets will already look great on you, I suggest experimenting with edgier pieces – belts, garters, stockings, leather body suits, one-pieces.


With a thin frame and minimal variation between your shoulders, waist and hips, you’ll want to create the illusion of definition. Florals and prints, padded camisoles, corsets and thongs will be your best friends!  You are also the perfect candidate for a Bombshell Bra.


With this build, your widest point is at your waist. The goal will be to elongate your silhouette and draw attention to your other irresistible attributes such as your bust, legs, butt and toned arms. Dark-colored one-pieces and body suits (try lace) will be your go-to’s for stopping him dead in his tracks.


You’ve put in the hard work at the gym, endured the grueling heated pilates sessions and downward-dog’d your way to killer physique. The goal now is to remind him that you’re still a girly girl and proud of your femininity. To slightly soften your overall toned frame, you’ll want to stick with romantic pieces: play around with lace and straps, as well as high-necked bras, sheer Teddys, and garments with cutouts.   

Go slay my queens!