Practical Clothing for Monsoon Season: Work Wear Essentials

By Bhumika Kateliya

Jul 21, 2018

Monsoon Season is one of the toughest seasons to dress for especially if you have to dress for the office. As you need to be prim and professional yet be wearing practical clothes for the most unpredictable seasons. However, if you are proactive and are ready with the essential monsoon pieces of clothing from beforehand you can look fashionable and yet be practical in the monsoon season. We will help you set up your workwear monsoon wardrobe with few fashion tips.

Waterproof footwear

Feet are the most abused body parts in our body in monsoon seasons. Hence to keep your feet dry go for waterproof or water-resistant footwear. You don’t want to spoil your favorite footwear in the rain. Hence, buy a set of two to three flat work footwear that you can wear in this season. Try to avoid wearing heels in this season as it would be very hard to walk in them in the rain.

Quirky umbrellas

If you walk to your work, make a quirky umbrella your permanent fashion accessory this monsoon season. Choose from a range of quirky umbrellas that can be a great accessory to your rainy-day ensemble. It’s kitsch and is a great way to pull off some fusion (indo-western) into your look.

A Stylish raincoat

The next and the best shield from those heavy showers is a raincoat. You need to one to protect your clothes from the rain. Those colorful, PVC raincoats are accessible in wide-ranging varieties for you to select from but there are high-end fashionable ones too. Buy them in nude colors to make it more work appropriate.

Opt for Dresses, Mini Skirts, and cropped trousers

Long length bottom garments can be troublesome in this season. Hence, you make sure you are wearing a skirt, trouser or dresses of short and work appropriate length. The one-piece dress outfit is your lifesaver when it comes to rush mornings. Try on your choice of skirt length. The midi length great to create a corporate chic look.

Water-proof bag

Since you keep your phone, wallet and other valuables inside your bag, this monsoon, invest in a water-proof bag to safeguard all that you carry in your bag. Buy a durable and stylish waterproof bag. They are available in different colors and styles in the market. A waterproof bag will keep your stuff dry and also at the same time help you make a great fashion statement as well.

Waterproof cosmetics

You do not have to step outside bare-faced because it is pouring. Especially, it is very important to show up at work in a presentable makeup look. You might be scared to face a major makeup disaster with smudged eyeliner, and patchy makeup in the monsoon. However, you can be as fresh as a daisy by using waterproof makeup. Buy waterproof cosmetic products to keep your makeup in place all day long.

Follow the above Fashion tips in monsoon season to stay stylish even when it is pouring down. Have a great and safe monsoon!