Psychology of Color in the Sugar Bowl

By SouthShoreBlonde

Dec 17, 2016

We’ve all heard that color can elicit specific moods and evoke certain feelings. Well, you can employ the psychology of color in the Sugar Bowl! Even businesses use assigned colors for industry norms and communication.

For example, blue is commonly used for a hospital or a medical facility. Another example is that orange is routinely used to indicate the need for safety and awareness. Now, here’s a collection of how YOU can use color to improve your sugaring lifestyle!


associated with stability, tranquility, dependability, trustworthiness

Common Phrases:

true blue: completely faithful or loyal to a person or idea

bluestocking: an educated, intellectual woman

blue blood: royalty, nobility, extreme wealth

Beauty Tip: Want to project a relaxed, stress-free aura on a first date or meeting? Wear a turquoise blouse or a blue, soft-textured sweater for a great first impression.


associated with relaxation, nature, growth, productivity

Common Phrases:

get the green light: to have permission to go ahead with, as planned

green thumb: ability to grow and maintain healthy plants

green horn: newcomer or naive person

Beauty Tip: Green is perfect for all skin types because it’s restful on the eyes and has a wide range of hues to play up your mood; from the serious hunter greens to the more playful mint shades.


associated with friendship, affection, approachability, nurturing

Common Phrases:

in the pink: in good health

tickled pink: delighted

pink slip: notice that employment is ending

Beauty Tip: Pink is the sweet side of the fiery red. Pair subtle yet lush, pink lips with smokey grey eyes for an innocently, irresistible look that’s sure to please.


associated with luxury, nobility, royalty, ambition

Common Phrases:

Purple Heart: a specific military decoration for those wounded or killed in action  purple prose: writing that is overly extravagant

born to the purple: of royal or exhaled birth

Beauty Tip: For a young-looking face to appear more mature and invoke a feeling of confidence, use purple as a tool of sophistication.


associated with passion, fear, anger & fierce energy

Common Phrases:

red carpet treatment: deferential treatment for a person of importance

raise a red flag: bring something to awareness (do not ignore)

red letter day: any day of special opportunity or significance

BEAUTY TIP: When perfectly paired with your skin tone, the right shade of red lined-lips are your best accessory to attract attention or express passion without overdoing it.


associated with new beginnings, purity, innocence, completion

white hot: extreme manner of intensity

white sauce: sauce made of refined coconut oil, flour, salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg; a healthy alternative that the significant Sugar in your life will love drizzled over your choice of chicken, steak, shrimp, scallops, lobster, fish or just plain pasta with a garnish of fresh basil

white-knuckle: a situation marked by causing tense nervousness or fear.

Beauty Tip: Use a white matte eye pencil along lash lines, under your shadow as a primer and to set the color for long-lasting staying power. Here is a tutorial with step by step photos on exactly how to pull this off!

The role of colors in our world is truly limitless and multifunctional. From sun protection to signaling sexual status or to divert an attack or temperature regulation, animals all over the globe have evolved and learned to potentiate the color spectrum for their own well being. It’s time we all started using the color wheel to roll in a little bit more green.

Here’s another fun resource I came across while researching this article. You can even grab a pack of colored pencils or markers and go get one of those trendy adult coloring book for a stress-reducing activity! Have fun and enjoy your colors!