Quintessential Fashion Trends For Women This Summer

By Harsh

Jul 02, 2018

The dust has settled on the fashion ramps in Paris, Milan, New York and LA. But there is no rest for the designers and fashion experts. They are busy compiling notes, analyzing fabrics and scoring the latest trends. These specialists keep a finger on the pulse of fashion fanatics, and judge which styles, accessories, colors, and silhouettes will get big thumbs up this season. Well! The verdicts are in. Reputed designers and fashion brands went all out to impresses fashion lovers. Some summer 2018 fashion trends succeeded in dropping the jaws of even the toughest critics, while others styles were unimpressive. If you are all about owning the trendiest outfits and accessories, then it is a must read for you.

Wrap it up

Wrappers skirts are a staple in a fashionista’s wardrobe. Summer Fashion of 2018 is all about wrapper tops. Short, long, medium, or crop – you will get these in wrapper style. Wrap-up rompers and jumpsuits have already made their mark in the fashion arena. Now it is time for the wrapper tops to rule the charts. Smaller wrapper tops can be paired with palazzo pants, while longer tops will do justice to crop pants or shorts. For a feminine look, opt for wrapper tops with no bottom wear. One can also layer these tie-up tops with formal or semi-formal blazers to attain the office ready look.

Dual Denim mania

Body-hugging or tight fitted denim pants are not ideal for summer. It does not mean you have to lock these up in the wardrobe, and wait till monsoons to wear them. Summer 2018 fashion campaigns made it clear that double or dual denim looks will be in vogue this year as well. Denim shirts with denim shorts, jackets with semi-fitted ankle length pants, denim crop tops and wrap-ups will complement skirts made of same material. If you are in no mood to dress up but don’t want to spoil your “fashionista” image, pair denim jumpsuits with statement sandals. If you have narrow-sleeved and low-neck jumpsuits, then wear light T-shirts within to complete the look. Denim dresses are available in several colors. Don’t forget to try out the acid-washed and tie-and-dye outfits this summer.

Bright flowers all around

Last summer was all about sporting solid colors. This year, it is time for the bright colors and floral prints to shine. Budding designers have announced their arrival with floral collections. Both men and women will be seen in floral prints. Small or medium prints, on a bright background, will light up the streets this summer. These prints and pops of color will add freshness to your life and wardrobe. Stock up on these in the summers, and you will be sorted for sprint and monsoon months. Bold colors, patterns, and prints will have a profound impact on fashion lovers.

Pastels for all occasions

It seems that pastels are here to stay. Off-white, cream, candy orange, pinks, subtle greens, blues, mauves, and purples will be big this summer. These candy colors soothe the eyes and help to fight the heat and discomfort of summer days. A light blue pencil and blazer, with an off-white shirt, will rock the conference room. If you are going out on a brunch with your gal pals, then wear a candy yellow jumpsuit with subtle footwear. To add a dash of color, dangly hot pink beaded earrings, and chunky bracelet will be enough.

Mix solid crayons with checks

Like pastels, check patterns will never go out of fashion. From Ava Gardner to Gigi Hadid, all are in love with this pattern. Be it a power suit for the office, trench coat, skirt, a simple shirt or bags, the presence of criss-cross patterns add elegance, sophistication and an edge to any outfit. Investing in a subtle check coat will save you from fashion faux pas any day.

Polka dots, deep reds, and sharp edges

Loose clothes are suitable for summers as these keep you comfortable. But this summer is all about sharp cuts and edges. No unnecessary frills or feathers hanging from here and there. You will see the only minimalistic use of structured ruffles and feathers. Deep bold red and polka dots will be front-runners this summer. Who can forget Princess Diana’s iconic look in a red coat and black hat? She was also fond of polka dots and clean edges as well. Her style and fashion statement were as timeless as her angelic beauty. She was a trendsetter in the real sense. Many few have the capability to pull off white jeans with such elegance. By paring nude or tan shoes, accessories and bags, you can also become a fashion icon among your friends.

Fashion conscious celebs are already lining up outside the high-end fashion designing houses to book their looks in advance. You can be rest assured to spot these styles in upcoming award shows, fashion events and gala nights where the glitterati will be rubbing shoulders. These trendy dresses, with matching accessories, will allow the divas of Hollywood to make a statement on the red carpet. For commoners, the wait will only be over when these gorgeous outfits reach the retail stores at the end of this year. In case, the price tags offset your dreams of becoming a fashion icon; you can always opt for affordable dupes at online and offline stores. Feel free to make some changes if you deem fit. After all, fashion is all about highlighting your style and personality.