How to Shop With a Sugar Daddy

By Colette

Sep 21, 2017

Your favorite Instagram model was rocking a dress that you know would look hot on you.  There’s a new palette at Sephora that’s just calling your name.  But wait, what’s that?  It’s the sound of your Sugar Daddy rolling his eyes as you explain how these purchases would change your life.  Read on for some great ways to make shopping more fun for the both of you!

Include Him

One foolproof way to include your Sugar Daddy in the experience is to have him play an active part in picking things out.  Pick a top off the rack and ask him what he thinks.  When you’re in the fitting room, ask him to zip up the back of your dress. Even if you could totally do it on your own.  If the two of you are going to attend an event together, maybe go shopping specifically to put together a look for the occasion.  

Another super easy way to include him is to go to stores that have both men’s and women’s sections.  Lululemon is perfect for this, but beware—he may stop shopping just to check out your new leggings!

If that doesn’t work, turn the tables on him by suggesting things he might like.  A simple “Didn’t you say you needed X?” will do.  Also, if there’s something he loves, expand his horizons by suggesting something similar in a new brand.  For example, if he’s addicted to super soft tees, check out James Perse or John Varvatos.  You never know—a quick pit-stop could spark an all-out shopping spree!

Distract Him

If he just really, really hates shopping with a passion, suggest it as something to keep you busy while he’s working or on a call.  He’ll be in a quiet spot, distracted on the phone or on his laptop, while you’re out having fun.  If it’s a long call, go wherever you want and put items on hold so you can come back to them when he’s finished.

You can also play a game where he gets in line as soon as you enter a store while you grab whatever you can and meet him at the end.  This probably works best at someplace like Sephora where you don’t totally need to try things on.  I’ve never done this before, but I feel like it would be a cute way to indicate that you’re not going to be spending hours in a store chock-full of squealing high schoolers.

Know What You Want

Along those same lines, be fast & keep a wish list!  Keep up with the latest trends. Grab some inspiration from social media. Browse your favorite blogs.  Then start building your wish list!

Update your wish list frequently so you know exactly what you want when you step inside the store.  And if you can pre-shop on days when you don’t have much going on, even better!  This means going to the stores you’d like him to take you, trying things on to get a sense of your size, and keeping notes or putting items on hold if you know the two of you will be back later that day.  Your Sugar Daddy will thank you for keeping things speedy and your wardrobe will get an update!

Have fun and happy sugaring!