Six Things to Wear on Your First Sugar Date

By Christine Rudolph

Jun 11, 2018
Summer dressing should be anything but complicated. If you are heading out for a date on a summer evening, your approach shouldn’t be any different. Yes, you can nail a sexy look on your first date without trying too much. The only key is to stick to a few guidelines about dressing up in summer to achieve that ideal look effortlessly.

First, avoid over-thinking. You don’t want to appear nervous or stressed out on that special night. To give your overall look a stylish edge, wear your sexy heels. Next, pick outfits that naturally makes you appear more polished and stylish. Avoid overdoing your outfit; you will have another season for that.

Keeping these factors in mind, we have narrowed down the list to top six ideas to dress up for your first date in summer. Here you go:

The Classic Black and White

Why put on your traditional little black dress and look like everyone else when you can stand out with a different choice!

The classic black and white never go wrong. This is especially so if you pair it up with the right accessories. Pick up a sleek white trouser and pair it up with a sexy black lace top, and comfortable black gladiator sandals to complete the look. Whether you are seeing him for a coffee date or going out to a party, this look will work wonders for both settings.

A black lace top with ruffled sleeve detail will surely make a high-contrast entry no matter where you go. You will earn extra points if you put on some trendy gold accessories – like knuckle rings and a statement bracelet.

A Fun Romper

A fun strappy romper with a black belt is another casual yet stylish outfit you can wear to impress on your first summer date. Pick floral or checkered print to add more personality to it instantly. A romper dress is always eye-catching, sexy, and very comfortable.

The belt helps to highlight those curves that are surely going to give it an edgy touch. To make it appear classy, put on your high heels and hide that crown of messy hair under a nice, funky hat and some sunglasses.

An outfit that’s both comfortable and sexy is the perfect combo to flaunt this season on your special date. If that’s what you are looking for, check out amazing designs by Sophie & Trey that you cannot go wrong with.

Breezy Tank and Shorts

What could be better than a pair of shorts to keep cool in this warm weather? Beat the heat and look hot for your summer date in a pair of tiny patterned shorts with a solid tank top. You can even turn things around and put on a brightly patterned tank top with denim shorts.

To spice up this casual yet cool look, pick up the right footwear and accessories and see the magic. Some classy colored heels with some jewelry pieces can instantly funk up this look and make you appear date-ready in minutes.

If you thought a pair of shorts with a tank top could not make a date-worthy outfit, this casual outfit idea will change your mind.

Off-Shoulder Mini Dress

You can’t deny the popularity of off-shoulder dresses and tops these days – even celebrities are seen donning this style now and then. And this could be your best bet for the perfect summer-date dress.

To keep things classy and sexy, pick a light shade and solid pattern. The pale hues of purple, blue, pink, and yellow are the great color choice for this summer. If you want to accentuate your look, go with a contrasting pair of heels instead. A pair of hot pink heels for a pale pink dress is surely going to make your overall look stand out.

Be choosy with your accessories and this look will be a show stopper regardless of your summer-date type. For inspiration, check out this amazing styles by H&M.

The Sophisticated Look

If dressing up ‘sophisticated‘ is what’s in your mind, this could be slightly challenging keeping the warm summer in mind. But that’s where your creativity and fashion sense comes in.

Who says a sophisticated look cannot be fun? To combine both these elements and make your outfit perfect for a summer date, combine the sophisticated midi skirt or high-waisted pants with a funky crop-top. It is the contrasting style of the pair that makes this outfit so unique, classy, and fresh.

Add the wow factor by completing the look with a pair of bold heels and fine stone jewelry. Put your hair up in a messy bun or let them loose, this outfit will certainly make heads turn as you stroll through the city after an amazing dinner date.

The dress with a twist

Your regular summer dress with a white buttoned top tied up in a bow right on your waistline is the perfect twist you can flaunt. Pair up items you initially believed to be awkward. Of course, wearing a denim or leather jacket in the summer heat sounds like a foolish idea. But who says you cannot layer up and look cool.

A simple, light-fabric shirt is all you need to funk up your regular summer dress. Be careful as you choose the colors and patterns. You don’t want the entire look to be too loud. Minimal jewelry and comfortable footwear work best with this casual yet cool summer date look.


Most of these items are already present in your wardrobe, but you never thought of pairing them up before for a summer date, did you? This summer keep it cool with these amazing ideas. Have fun!