How to Slay this Summer with Sassy Looks

By Harsh

May 20, 2018

According to Brian Wilson, summer refers to happy times and the beach.  However, the musician forgot that getting ready for summer can become a chore for most of the girls. The hot and humid temperature and continuously sweating body can make wearing beautiful outfits a difficult task. To solve the difficulties of a beautiful woman as well as men, the designers have come up with elegant costumes that are beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Many talented designers and fashion houses launch their summer fashion line to included dresses in earthy material, beautiful floral patterns, and pastel shades. These dresses are not only comfortable to wear, but also very appealing to look.

Summer Fashion and Fun

The beautiful and floral dresses, teamed up with funky statement earrings can make one look stunning. The gorgeous summer outfits can be fashionable and subtle at the same time. On the other hand, many designers are taking few bold steps while designing their costumes including detailed motifs, and darker shade in their designs. The British and Scottish designers are using body sculpting dresses in bright neon colors. The designer like Christopher Kane used the neon pallet for his Spring Summer collection.

The inclusion of significant geometrical patterns and designs give these outfits a distinctive look.

Celebrities and their Summer Looks

Many stars are making statements with their summer fashion and style. Fashion enthusiasts can draw their inspiration from them, and create a new style with these dresses. Take for example the minimalistic style of Gigi Hadid. She is found sporting a crop top with stripped fitting trousers. The model paired the attire with a stunning pair of boots and shades. If one feels a cropped top is too much, they can wear a loose fitting t-shirt. However, remember to tuck the Tees inside to create the perfect summer look.

Another celebrity, Michelle Williams tries to team up her elegant pair of white trousers with a tank top making the look ideal to handle the heat outside. The actresses accessorized the outfit with the beautiful straw purse, looking earthier feel. For important events or date nights, on can take inspiration from Rihanna. The singer was recently seen wearing a glamorous maxi dress by Christian Dior. Such dresses can be teamed up with a pair of high heels in matching colors. A small purse and a simple necklace, and they are ready to head out.

What to Wear During Summer

While dressing up for summer, one needs to keep some factors in mind. The outfits must be made of breathable fabric and assist in air flow. Also, wearing light colors dresses can help in feeling comfortable and relaxed during those hot summer days. Here are some of the items one must have in their closet to beat the heat and have a sassy summer look

  1. The bohemian pajamas:

These free-flowing pants can provide necessary comfort during summer. These baggy trousers help in air flow. These comfortable pants can be worn with a bright colors T-shirts or loose fitting shirts. Investing in these bohemian pants can be a good idea this summer.

  1. Summer dresses:

Wearing a beautiful summer dress can make women look feminine and stylish. The dress accentuates her looks and gives her a sense of softness. These summer dresses can be worn as a day or night wear. For accessories, one can wear simple peep-toes or sandals. The comfortable footwear makes it easier to walk during hot summer days.

  1. Wearing asymmetrical dresses:

During summers, wearing shapewear can be quite uncomfortable. The hot and humid weather outside might make it difficult for a person to wear these materials inside the clothing. To hide the bulges and the unflattering body parts one can wear asymmetrical dresses. These dresses can beautifully conceal the bulges of the body and highlight the faltering parts of the body.

  1. Accessories: 

Accessorizing the summer outfits can enhance the beauty of the wearer. The right amount of accessories can make the summer dress more attractive looking. The right colored belt, shoes and bags create a high fashion costume.

Essential Summer Accessories

An accessory for summer needs to be teamed up intelligently with the dresses. A heavy piece of jewelry or shoes can destroy the look for summer. Here are some of the summer essentials which can be used as accessories to create a high fashion look:


Scarfs are an essential summer accessory, which can make any dress look fabulous. These flowing pieces of clothing can be worn around the neck in different styles.   The scarves can make any outfit look more attractive and elegant. Scarves can be used as belts, to create a splash of colors to the pain clothes.


Hats can serve several purposes during summer. It protects the heat and face from the harmful rays of the sun. The hats tend to add a dash of style to the overall outfit making it look more attractive and elegant. An oversized hat can be worn to any outdoor event or can be teamed up with beachwear for a perfect beach look.

Small clutch: 

The small clutch helps in traveling light and can work as a great accessory. One can use the clutch to carry essentials like the cell phone or the sunblock.

Dressing up for summer can be fun and easy if one follows these basic instructions.