Subtle Cosmetic Procedures to Ask Daddy For

By Zenya Rose

Jan 11, 2018

Every Daddy wants a happy Baby. What would make you happiest? For some that may be a new wardrobe, financial security or material goods. Others may want a dramatic pout, a straighter smile or a flatter tummy. Whatever you’re looking for he should be excited to help turn you into his personal Barbie doll. Here are subtle cosmetic procedures to ask Daddy for!

Sweeten Your Smile

If you’re like me, your parents didn’t have five grand to shell out for braces in middle school. And you also probably don’t have that kind of money sitting around right now. You’re not alone! A startling amount of people have some hangups when it comes to their pearly whites. Be it crowding, spacing, an over or underbite a ton of things can knock at your self esteem when it comes to your teeth.

Smile Direct Club is the hottest name in discount dentistry but don’t let the bargain prices influence you to think that the quality is subpar. Smile Direct Club is owned by Invisalign. The retainers are worn nonstop (except when you’re eating) for one to two weeks before they’re switched out for the next set. Each retainer gradually moves your teeth closer to your goal without the eyesore that is metal braces.

Because Smile Direct Club cuts out the middle man that is an orthodontist and regular dental appointments it equals out to being 1/6 of the cost of traditional braces. What business savvy man doesn’t appreciate a good deal?

Kylie, who?

Everyone wants a gorgeous pout to paint with lipsticks and glosses. We already know that not everyone was blessed with beautiful, naturally full lips. But this day and age you don’t have to be! Lip fillers can be used to change the volume, structure and shape of your natural lips with virtually no downtime. If you really post injection that you actually prefer your natural pout, no worries! The effects of lip fillers wear off after about six months. From that point on you will need maintenance and to refill.

Fillers are not just for the rich and famous. The average cost of of lip fillers ranges by state. The cost can vary between $900 and $1500 dollars. Surely Daddy would love kissing a plump pair of lips for that!

Smart Lipo

We’ve all heard of cool-sculpting and smart lip. But how does it actually differ from traditional liposuction methods we are familiar with? Laser-assisted liposuction uses laser energy. The lasers heat the fat which makes it semi-soft and thus easier to remove. The easier fat is to remove the safer the procedure is. Smart lipo is not the “lazy way out” that people assume it to be. On the contrary, smart lipo is for the stubborn fat that is diet and exercise resistant.

The range of smart lipo is the widest out of the procedures mentioned here. Once again depending on your state, smart lipo could cost you anywhere between $2400- $8900. That averages out to $5400. Smart lipo may set you back a year’s allowance or a Christmas/ Birthday present combination. However, if this is really important to you isn’t it worth it? We think so. Hopefully Daddy agrees.

Are there any small procedures you’d like to ask you Sugar Daddy for? Let us know in the comments!