Sugar Baby Guide to High Heels

By Malia

Feb 16, 2017

High heel shoes are a must in Sugaring, for most Babies anyway. They highlight legs and transform outfits into sexy glam for your style. Let’s talk about the nuances of shoes in the Sugar Bowl in my Sugar Baby Guide to High Heels.

Designer vs Basic

My advice for your first Sugar Daddy shopping spree is to keep in mind that high end designer do not mean, usability, comfort or investment. If you think of designer pieces for resale value, shoes are a poor choice due to the broad range of foot size and the fact that selling used shoes online is difficult.

When you pick your first premium pair of shoes, my tip is to go with a classic, mid-size heel pump in a neutral color so you can get the best bang for the buck. Unless of course, you are crazy about one specific bold color and already have a wardrobe full of clothes that work well with that shoe. Can you use that turquoise Louboutin season in and season out?

Loubies: A Sugar Baby Staple

Most SBs have received or aspire to a pair of these red soled beauties. If you do choose Louboutins, consider Fifi style with 85mm heels and rounded toes pump over So Kate, with 120mm heels and pointy toes. Both are classics, but Fifi is a lot more versatile as the rounded front gives more room for toes and the heels length is more sensible. I still drool over the spiked red Loubs in the highest stiletto heel from the past collection, but I resisted the temptation. The occasions to wear them are so rare, and they are not comfortable in the least.

If you are just starting building your shoe collection and your Sugar Daddy takes you to the Christian Louboutin store, enjoy window shopping, try a pair if you wish, and make him aware of the price tag, just in case.

Building Your Shoe Collection

After that experience, my tip would be to suggest he to buy you four pairs of high heel shoes for around the same budget instead of one at Louboutin. Unless he’s a brand snob or Loub aficionado, he should enjoy this economical alternative.

Head to Macy’s or another reasonable quality stor. Make smart choices on which you buy and you will have a great start up high heel shoe base. I suggest a stiletto pump, a chunk heel, an enclosed shoe and one sandal style.

Stiletto vs Chunky

While I prefer chunkier heels for a wider base of comfort, they don’t optimize my figure. Skinny heels elongate petite figures while chunky heels are best suited for curvier bodies. Do your best to match high heel shapes based on body proportions to accentuate your body type in the most harmonious way possible. However, select chunkier heels to withstand longer walks or standing up in cocktail parties when you have to work the room.

Platforms and Wedges

Platforms and wedges help stabilize your foot. This is a very important feature when wearing high heels all day long. Classic stilettos heels have a curved shaped base you need to break down and mold to your feet, and they tend to rock sideways as you walk, while platform shoes have a flat foot base so you can plant your feet in the ground more easily.

For the best of both worlds, choose a stiletto with a slim platform. Platform allows for extra padding on the ball of the foot which helps alleviate pressure. Think of platforms for airports or shopping around, as you can walk long distance side by side with your Sugar Daddy.

Boots and Oxfords

Enclosed style of high heel shoes keep the foot in place and are easier to walk as your feet do not slide inside. Fall and winter are very welcoming for these types of high heels. During summer, you can still use booties with open toes.


High heels can be absolutely sexy or outrageously painful, so try a few pairs to find the best fit. If you’re not accustomed to heels, you can twist your ankle or fall to the ground. Start with chunky low heels and practice before attempting higher and skinnier heels. The key is to be graceful, and that’s best done in short heels if you can’t manage the 6 inches stilettos yet.

Final Tips

If soles are smooth, they can be slippery. Buy a traction pad to stick to the sole of a new pair of high heels, or walk around on the sidewalk for a bit. You can also make a pair of boots or heels much more comfortable with a gel insole or extra padding from the drugstore. Your feet will thank you!
Another thing you can try if a shoe is uncomfortable or gives you blisters is putting lotion on your feet before putting on your shoes. The extra lubrication makes for less blisters and comfortable wear. You can also try a blister preventing stick for long days in chic footwear.