Sugar Baby Lingerie Staples

By Princess Aly

Jan 24, 2017

The new year is upon us and it’s time to update our wardrobes. Nothing boosts a lady’s confidence more than wearing sexy lingerie, even if you wear it under your everyday outfit. If you own a few Sugar Baby lingerie staples, you can rule the world. 

One thing that will definitely need a 2017 revamp is your lingerie. Whether you’re adding to your collection or cleaning it out, trying something new, or going back to basics, here are a few pieces to keep in your wardrobe.

Push-Up Bra

Us ladies have naturally beautiful bodies, but a little support doesn’t hurt. They give you the maximum cleavage, using what you’ve already got. Not to mention they look great in and out of the bedroom. Remember to replace these often, as the padding will become lumpy overtime and take away from the natural look.

Shelf Bra

This bra steps into the more daring side and a great addition if you’re looking to add a little spice to your lingerie. Like a push up bra, these support you from underneath with little or no cups. If you lean on the smaller side when it comes to your chest, this bra will work for you as it lifts your breasts for a naturally fuller look.

Garter and Stockings

This classic trend is sure to catch Daddy’s eye. A sexy garter belt will accentuate your waist, while the matching stockings elongate your legs. There are plenty of different styles of garter belts ranging from practical, everyday belts to more elaborate, decorative ones for special occasions. Stockings come in many patterns and thread counts, from sheer, to opaque, to lace, even leather (if you’re feeling risky).


If you’re not too confident in showing off your midsection, then a babydoll is right for you, and anyone can pull these off fabulously. The fabric covers up the tummy area without taking away from your sex appeal, and with a matching thong, you’ll be proud to strut your stuff.

Body Stocking

These one piece garments cover the arms, legs, torso, and sometimes arms. Their sheer fabric leaves little to the imagination, but the tight fabric hugs your body to accentuate every curve, and the crotchless feature allows easy access. This piece is a little more daring, but definitely worth a try. Whether you pick a sheer or lace bodystocking, you’re sure to entice. And, contrary to popular belief, some women often wear them underneath everyday clothing during the colder season, so why not give it a try next fall?


Whether you have an hourglass figure, or you’re not as gifted with as many curves, there’s a teddy for you. They come in different colors, materials, and cutout accents so there are plenty to choose from, and they’re sure to enhance your natural figure. If you have a tinier waist, with the right teddy, you can highlight your hips and derriere.


Pronounced “pan war,” this number is a long gown, sometimes accompanied by a matching robe. Similar to the body stocking, it offers full body coverage with a soft feel. The long, flowing dress is sure to make you feel like a goddess. These, too, come in many materials with different accents. Most opt for translucent fabric to give a sexy yet mysterious vibe. Or, go for bold colors to match your fiery personality. The choice is yours.


Don’t be afraid to go outside the box–try gloves paired with a sexy push up and cute panties, a lace mask to match your peignoir, tassels with a shelf bra (or no bra at all), or sparkle with some body glitter (but be careful not to make too much of a mess). Play a little dress up and add some sexy costumes to your closet so you have a variety of new outfits to flaunt. A nice pair of heels always completes any outfit.